One Month

My little bright-eyed babe is one month old today!

I decided tonight that I have got to prioritize my time better and use my spare time to cook and clean now that I am feeling more rested and adjusted to motherhood. I am also planning to start blogging recipes again! I made a yummy supper tonight that I am hoping to have time to blog about as soon as I find a second. I am also going to try and start doing yoga and working out again to get a bit more energy and increase my self esteem. I want to start taking better care of me.

Serafina is doing so well. She nurses pretty well all day and is growing into quite a chubby girl. Her hair is so funny, the way that it sticks strait up on top. I was telling Craig how she looks like Gobo off of Fraggle Rock and composed a side by side comparison in photoshop just for fun.

Life is great! Kids are great! More on life when I have the time. Baby calls…