Two Months

Look who turned two months old yesterday!

Serafina is so smiley and bright-eyed!

I swear that she can see right into my soul.

She is also very chubby and healthy, so my vegan breast milk is obviously nourishing. I can’t wait to start making baby food for her since I got the Baby Bullet as a baby gift. That will be a lot of fun!

I decided that she looks a little less like Gobo these days…

and more like the cinnamon toast crunch character.

Every time that she sticks out her tongue, I think of that character. I thought that a side-by-side comparison would be funny since I took these pictures last night.

She is healthy and she is happy.

Well, not always.

One thought on “Two Months

  1. She is just way too cute for her own good. I can’t get enough pictures of her. I look forward to my Thursday afternoon glimpse of all that cuteness in person!!!


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