10 Quick Ways To Get More Energy Flowing In Your Day and Uplift Your Spirit

  1. Blast some of your favorite uplifting music and dance, dance, dance!
  2. Take a brisk walk (or run) around the block
  3. Eat a big fruit salad or make a juice with fresh vegetables, cucumber, kale, spinach, carrots, celery etc. and apple or lemon (garlic and ginger too if you are brave!)
  4. Do a shoulder stand for at least 30 slow in and out breaths
  5. Read something uplifting and inspiring
  6. Watch Rocky!
  7. Watch Rocky 2
  8. Get some essential oils or burn some incense
  9. Drink a nice cold glass of water
  10. Laugh or make someone laugh

We have been dancing every night to our favorite music. Every day Autumn puts on a dance show for me so the other night I thought it would be fun to play her some Ace of Base for her and dance with her. She is such a little dancer! She choreographs her dances and teaches Kesa just how they go. Serafina loves to watch them and finds it beyond entertaining.

Here was some of last night’s dancing excitement!

It’s a beautiful life! 🙂

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