Easy Kid-Friendly Vegan Snacks – Cashew Butter Banana Bites

Here is a cute little snack  for the kids. Often we like to eat whole grain wraps with peanut butter and banana as a break from ordinary peanut butter sandwiches. I also love to eat cashew butter on toast with banana on the side because I love the combination, so one day decided that cashew butter and banana in a wrap would be great. I then sliced up the wrap into bite-size, kid-friendly cashew butter banana bites for a healthy, satisfying afternoon snack for the girls.

Cashew Butter Banana Bites

  • 1 eight inch whole grain tortilla (I use Dempster’s)
  • 1-2 tablespoons cashew butter
  • 1 medium banana


Spread the cashew butter on the tortilla, peel the banana and place it on the edge of the wrap. Roll tightly and slice into 1 inch bite-sized pieces.

If you are feeling creative you could make a fun turtle snack with your cashew butter banana bites by adding a toothpick to the bites and placing a grape on for the head. I also made a sun out of a peeled mandarin orange and pineapple tidbits. The turtles are traveling down a bumpy walnut road.

I am thinking of posting more kid-friendly recipes. I never realized how many crazy things like this that I do, yet I never post about them, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Enjoy! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Easy Kid-Friendly Vegan Snacks – Cashew Butter Banana Bites

  1. i eat the peanut butter banana wrap for breakfast almost every morning!! sooo delish! sometimes i eat it as a dessert with vegan chocolate chips in it also, OR melt the chocolate chips and mix it with the peanut butter before i spread it…ahh i’m hungry now!!


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