The Game

Scenario # 1

Autumn – Momma can I borrow your camera? Not your new one, but the old camera?

Me – Why?

Autumn – To take pictures of my Baribie’s, that’s what they do in the game.

Scenario # 2

Me – Girls! Clean up your room, it is a disaster in here!

Autumn But we’re playing a game.

Scenario # 3

Me – Why are you wearing lipstick? And why are you guys wearing my clothes!?

Autumn – It’s for the game, we are putting on a show.

Scenario # 4

I hear whining and crying. I walk upstairs to see what is going on, thinking something awful must have happened.

Me– What’s going on? Are you OK up here?

Autumn – Yea, we’re just playing a game.

The game. Always the game. Apparently in the game exceptions can be made to nearly any rule. That, or they just simply do not apply at all. Never underestimate the intelligence of a child!

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