Serafina The Cookie Monster

Serafina is such a cookie monster! Since we have been giving her cookies, she goes crazy for them. I decided to take some videos of her eating her cookies and tonight edited them into this funny clip. I especially love the moment at 1:34 when she drops the cookie and you can see the look of panic set in. I love this little babe!

8 thoughts on “Serafina The Cookie Monster

  1. Holy moly she goes to town on those things, way to go Serafina! You show that cookie whose boss!

    Are those arrowroots? I have a few still at home, but I threw out the box and wasn’t sure if there was milk in them.


    • There are no milk or egg ingredients listed on the box, but they do contain sugar and some other things I don’t think babies need. I am planning to make my own baby cookies soon and baby cereal too!


  2. sssoooooo cute!!!!!! LOVE the song choice!! we have started Audrey on solids now and shes nutty for carrots, going to try the arrowroot cookies in a month or so. they grow so fast!


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