10 Vegan Organic Foods My Kids Love

Since we have made the decision to stop buying foods that are genetically modified or contain genetically modified ingredients, such as sugar, soy, canola or corn, we have found some yummy organic vegan options. Usually I make everything from scratch with wholesome ingredients from my vegan pantry, but there are times when I do pick up some packaged organic foods and snacks for the girls for convenience sake or if we are out on the road.

Today I wanted to share with you a few of the vegan organic foods that my kids love to eat. 🙂

1) Late July Organic Classic Rich, Flaky, Buttery Tasting Crackers.


Although Ritz crackers are vegan, they are not organic. I was happy to find this organic alternative to Ritz crackers at the organic store that we shop at since Serafina used to love Ritz so much. They make a great snack for kids and taste exactly like Ritz! There are also Late July organic soda crackers too! These crackers also sell for just $3.49/box.


2) Nature’s Path Organic Cereals


I usually make pancakes or oatmeal for the kids for breakfast, but sometimes it is nice to have a convenient option on hand when mornings are hectic or I just don’t want to cook. Nature’s Path Organic cereals are my back-up option for the girls breakfast. Nature’s Path Organic makes so many delicious cereals, but the girls really love, Gorilla Munch (similar to Corn Pops), Koala Crisp (similar to Cocoa Rice Crispies), Peanut Butter Panda Puffs or Heritage O’s (similar to Cheerios). Craig eats cereal for breakfast too if I haven’t made any granola for him. He enjoys the Millet Rice cereals, or Optimum cereals.  I usually stick to my fruity banana ice cream. The cereals range from $8.99-$10.99/bag. If you catch them on sale you can get them for $6.98 or $7.98. Nature’s Path also makes granola and granola bars too!

3) Annie’s Homegrown Chocolate Flavored Bunny Grahams (Whole Grain Graham Snacks)


Serafina especially loves these little graham crackers! The chocolate ones are vegan, but the cheddar and honey ones are not. Make sure to read the ingredients label. These crackers are $4.99/box.

4) Country Choice Organic Sandwich Cookies


These cookies the organic version of Oreo cookies. They contain no hydrogenated oils or unpronounceable ingredients and so from time to time we pick up a bag as a treat for just $5.99. They come in chocolate, vanilla, ginger lemon or duplex packs. Another reason my kids love them is that they aren’t stingy with the amount of icing that they slather between the cookies. They are like double-stuffed Oreo cookies! An ultra yummy treat!

5) Que Pasa Low Salt Organic Corn Chips

SN122-lWe have been eating these organic corn chips for years (even before deciding to buy more organic foods). I especially love that they are not super-salty like most store bought corn chips. They also have a delicious corn flavor and come in blue, yellow and red corn varieties. The girls love the different colored chips and it is great because they contain no artificial colors or any extra sugar, salt or other addictive additives. $3.99/bag.

6) Mary’s Organic Crackers


These crackers are another family favorite snack! These crunchy whole grain crackers are unsalted, wheat-free and gluten-free and contain no added oils. They are made with brown rice, quinoa, flax and sesame seeds and come in Original, Herb, Black Pepper, Onion and Caraway flavor. Our favorite is the Onion flavored kind. So delicious and nutritious, especially with Avocado Ranch Dip, hummus or salsa! $5.99/box.

7) Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops


For a special treat when we go shopping, I will occasionally pick up a bag of these all-natural lollipops for the girls. These fruity treats are so sweet and delicious, contain no artificial ingredients. They are flavored with fruit extracts and colored naturally with fruit and vegetables too. The cost is $12.49 for a family-size bag of 60 lollipops, but come in smaller bags too.


8) Cinnamon Raisin Organic Ezekiel English Muffins


Another great breakfast idea! We love all of the Ezekiel breads and wraps too. 100% natural, organic, sprouted whole grain goodness! Kesa especially loves hers with Organic Food #9.

9) Eden Organic Apple Butter


We love this apple butter on toast or to make peanut butter and apple butter sandwiches. The ingredients are just apples. No added sugar or anything else.  Serafina used to eat a lot of apple butter as a baby too. If you recall the Apple Butter Monster. I have also used apple butter in a few recipes, Apple Pecan Cinnamon Rolls and Maple Apple Pecan Bread. Eden Organic Foods also makes applesauce too. A jar of this sweet and tart apple spread sells for about $6.99/jar.

10) All-Natural Panda Soft Licorice


My dad is actually from Finland, where this delicious, soft licorice originated. At Christmas I bought my dad and both of my brothers a box. My girls love this licorice too. It comes in black, raspberry, cherry and blueberry flavor. Ultra yum!

There you have it! 10 vegan organic options for kids (and adults too)! I hope that you will try out some of these products and love them as much as we do!