Love Yourself


Happy Valentines Day to you all! On this day dedicated to love, I wanted to remind you all of a very important kind of love- self-love. In the busyness of everyday life, we often tend to neglect our own needs and are constantly putting other people and other priorities above our self (especially mothers). So today I encourage you to do something nice for yourself.

Here are 14 ideas of how you can show yourself some love.

  1. Get outside and go for a walk by yourself. Get in some sunshine and fresh air. Clear your head and relax.
  2. Have a hot bath with some candles or essential oils.
  3. Indulge in something delicious! Treat yourself to something that you really enjoy, guilt-free!
  4. Rest if you feel tired. Have a nap. Recharge your battery.
  5. Get a sitter and go out with your partner.
  6. Do something that brings you enjoyment and that makes you happy, even if just for a few minutes. This could be reading a book, writing in a journal, knitting, playing music, listening to music, singing, dancing. Whatever it is that makes you happy, find time today and everyday to give it a little bit of your attention. You may even have some past hobbies that you have forgotten about. Revisit them and let yourself feel the happiness that they bring you.
  7. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Let the past go.
  8. Do only what needs to be done. This is important everyday too. I myself, tend to think that everything needs to get done around the house and for the kids in a day and completely exhaust myself, leaving myself tired and drained and definitely no fun. What if we could shorten the list of things that we think need to be done and do only what is crucially important? For example, do the dishes, sweep the floors and leave laundry and dusting for another day. Whatever is on your long list, I am sure that it can be shortened.
  9. See yourself through the eyes of love and compassion. Instead of judging yourself and holding yourself to high standards, see yourself as a human being who is only doing his/her best. Watch the way you speak to yourself in your thoughts and choose only loving, positive and uplifting thoughts. Set realistic standards for yourself and just do your best, whatever that may be in each and every moment, nothing more.
  10. Stress less. Try for one day to not worry or stress about anything at all. No lamenting over or regretting something in the past. No fearing or worrying about the future. Just be.
  11. Laugh and play. Watch a silly movie, play a game with your kids, color a picture, do a puzzle. Do something purely for enjoyment.
  12. Buy yourself something. I should really take this advice. My mom and my husband both always encourage me to buy something for myself, but I never can bring myself to do it. It seems whenever we have money I feel obliged to spend it on the family and only for our needs. Today, put yourself first and buy something that you want, not need. Give yourself a gift.
  13. Do Yoga. Stretch your beautiful body! Leave all of your junk thoughts and icky feelings on the mat.
  14. Approve of yourself. Stop seeking approval of others and instead be self-approved. Turn off your computer, forget your facebook, twitter or blog comments and likes and just rest in the reality that you are already enough.

A lot of people (especially mothers) have guilt feelings if they do something nice for themselves, but the truth is that if we don’t fill up our love tank and meet our own needs first, then we won’t be very loving towards others and definitely won’t have much to give to our family or to our world. When we allow ourselves some time to relax and charge our batteries, get some rest, eat well, exercise and do things that bring us happiness, we are in a much better position to love others. When we take care of ourselves and do things that bring us happiness, others around us will feel inspired to take care of themselves and be happy too, just by our presence.

I hope that you find time today and everyday to show yourself some love and remember that self-love is not selfish. It is vital, not vain to fill up on self-love everyday so that you can be your best and shine your beautiful light in this world.

Much Love,


8 thoughts on “Love Yourself

  1. I made your chocolate chip cookie recipe for my family for Valentine’s Day. I was having some dental work done so I made them a day early, but they were quite a treat for all of us. We still have just a few left today so I feel special eating them. Yummmm!


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