Yoga Baby

Every morning after breakfast I have been doing my own 20 minute yoga routine. Mostly sun salutations with a little bit of standing poses and some other stretching. Serafina has been copying me too. I was laughing so hard in downward dog, that I had to go and grab my camera and take a picture of her.



The funny thing is that Kesa used to do this too when she was a baby, around the same age.

- 291

And thinking of that reminded me of this video of Kesa doing Rodney Yee yoga at 15 months old, which always makes me laugh.


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11 thoughts on “Yoga Baby

  1. Oh my gosh, love it!! I also love the part in the video where Kesa is lying on her back with her legs up and she takes a moment to stretch out her socks…so cute! This made my day.


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