Rhythm and Reverence

It seems that life always seems to fall into a rhythm around here. I find that the rhythm in our home sometimes changes, but for the most part, it remains the same. I like having a rhythm and consistency to our days. It makes me feel way less stressed and more at peace and I also think that it is very important for my children to have a rhythm and peace to their days as well. One thing that I especially find makes life more relaxing and peaceful is homeschooling. I remember the days when Autumn went to school for kindergarten and grade one and how hurried the mornings were. After school, there was also some homework (yes, already in kindergarten and grade one) to be done and during the school year there are always some concerts or events to attend as well which can throw any attempts at rhythm off course.

I would love to have an even greater consistency to our days, but with my husband changing shifts, that isn’t always possible. Still, I find that having to adapt to the changes makes for an interesting rhythm to our months and years as well.

Here is what our daily rhythm is looking like these days.

8:00 am – Wake up, wake up the girls.

8:30 am – 9:00 am – Have breakfast. Clean up breakfast mess. Spilled cereal is usually on the agenda, as well as sweeping, washing dishes and all that jazz. Do regular laundry or diaper laundry, if that needs to be done too.

9:00 am – Autumn does some schooling while I do yoga for 20-30 minutes and Kesa and Serafina play.


10:30 am – Daddy wakes up, the girls go and play together or do something crafty and imaginative, while I go on the computer, write a blog or do some reading.


11:15 am – We all go out for a family walk for one hour. Autumn always insists on taking a bag with her to pick up garbage and recycling. (I love that kid).

12:30 pm – Lunch time!

1:00 – 1:30 pm – Autumn might do some more work, everyone tries their best to do their own thing. Usually I am cleaning up the lunch mess and dishes and/or baking or preparing some more food for later at this time. I sometimes have some helpers.


2:00 pm – Serafina goes for a 1 1/2 – 2 hour long nap. The girls have snack and play some more or maybe go outside. Daddy goes to work at 3:00 pm. I try and find a moments peace, while still constantly cleaning up little messes. If I am lucky I get to fall asleep for a minute before daddy leaves for work and Serafina wakes up, but that is a rare occasion. Sometimes I try and read again.

4:00 pm – Serafina wakes up from her nap. Us girls have our dinner together, then there is the dinner clean up to be done. There might also be laundry to be folded too, which the girls help with.

5:00 pm – We go outside for another walk for 30-60 minutes. Yes, I am obsessed with nature and keeping healthy. My walking is what keeps me sane and able to do all of the rest of the things that I do. It is nourishment for my mind, body and spirit.

6:00 pm – Time to wind down. By this time I am pretty tired. Sometimes we might watch a movie or KidsTV123 on youtube. These days we have been watching Anne Of Green Gables (and are soon going to start on the book series). Or the girls find something to read/ do and I try and read again or write something.


8:00 pm – Bedtime snack. These days they are loving popcorn and juice. Kitchen clean up again and a quick tidying up of the whole house is usually in order.


8:30 pm – Bedtime routine. Jammies, brush teeth and then bedtime stories. The girls like to read in bed too (and so do I).

I like to go to bed early because I know that the next day it starts all over again! ๐Ÿ™‚

The other day on a walk Autumn was asking me what it was like to be a mom and that is what got me thinking about our routine. Some days everything does seem the same. I told her half jokingly, “What is it like to be a mom? Change a baby, make breakfast, do the dishes, sweep the floor. Change a baby, make lunch, do the dishes, sweep the floor. Change a baby, make dinner, do the dishes, sweep the floor.” (You get the idea).

Some days life can seem pretty monotonous. Some days I wonder if it is all going to be like this forever and if maybe a part of me is not discontent with how my life is. But ultimately, I love everything about my life, just the way it is! Even if I rarely get a second to myself and it seems all very self-sacrificing, tiring or dare I say a bit overwhelming at times, I hold the thought in my mind that this is not going to be forever. It is not even going to be for long enough, when I look back on it and the kids are grown up and on their own. From that perspective, I know that I can endure whatever challenges, emotions, worry, fatigue and utter craziness these years bring. My kids will only be small for so long and the life I have now is the life that I dreamed of having when I was a little girl and what many young women hope to have someday. I always wanted to be married, be a mom and have a large family. Although it is not exactly like I had imagined it to be when I was younger, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The fact that it is so difficult and self-sacrificing is what makes it all the more wonderful and helps me to cultivate a sense of gratitude and reverence.

Reverence is what I am working on big time these days. Amidst the chaos and craziness that life sometimes brings, I am working on slowing down and noticing all of the beauty that it holds. Amidst the current that seeks to have life hurry on by, I am seeking to take my time. Amidst the negativity, I seek to see the positivity. Amidst the complaining in my mind, I seek to instead see all that there is to be grateful for. Amidst the doubt and worry, I seek to find confidence and peace of mind. Amidst the darkness, I seek to see the light. Amidst the selfishness and mindlessness that lays hold of so many these days, I choose to practice mindfulness and take a more difficult path, enabling myself to practice selflessness in whatever ways I can. I do all of these things because these are the things that bring satisfaction to my soul and breathe life into my spirit. I know that moments of trial and despair are moments of growth and of learning. The darkness and pain that life sometimes brings are what births higher consciousness and evolves the soul and spirit, which can lead us to even greater love and light if we allow them to.

“Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.” – John Milton

“If a man loses his reverence for any part of life, he will lose his reverence for all of life. ” – Albert Schweitzer

“When you have really exhausted an experience you always reverence and love it.” – Albert Camus


6 thoughts on “Rhythm and Reverence

  1. Your days are lovely, even if there might be some chaos to them ๐Ÿ™‚ I figure the chaos is what makes the days interesting.

    I LOVE your last paragraph…I could have written those words. One day we will sit down in person for a cup of tea and it will be like we are two lost souls finding each other again.

    Enjoy your journey, it is a great one and I so enjoy getting a little peek into it.

    Hugs xoxoxo


  2. Sounds like a nice daily routine ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that you get to go outside twice a day! I terribly miss the outdoors, as I grew up in the country in the middle of Wisconsin. Yes, I can go outside here in our housing area and it is SO much better than the previous house we were in, but it’s SO hot that we can only go out in the evening and even then there is no peaceful “naturey” place to walk, just past houses to a playground. Someday…


  3. As a stay-at-home mama to an infant, I feel your pain of monotony. But as you said, there are those moments that make everything worth it. Your girls benefit so much from having you around. Way to go, Mama and always hang in there! By the way, I love that you’re watching Anne of Green Gables. It is one of my favorite series (I always got to watch one when I was sick as a child =P)


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