Waiting For Spring

I can’t believe that it is the first of May today and the ground is covered in snow!



Yesterday and today we got a whole lot of it!



But even though it has been gloomy and grey, the girls still love to play outside!


Last weekend it was so beautiful out that I would have never seen this coming. Everything was melting and it was even too hot for jackets. Today we are back to winter clothes, hats, mitts and I even had to go into the basement this morning to get my winter boots to wear on our morning walk.


So, here we are stuck inside waiting once again for spring. Autumn was so mad this morning she was in tears saying, “Spring is supposed to be green and warm!” I keep telling her that everything happens for a reason and that once it melts our grass will turn green and the buds on the trees will begin to emerge. Until then we have to be grateful for what we have and can do and focus on the positive, like making pretty rainbow hairstyles!



This week has gone by quite fast already (as do most weeks). I have been feeling a real sense of confidence in our homeschooling these days too. I feel like I am finally finding what works for us, finding a way to get the girls eager to learn and feeling a lot less stressed about needing to do things by a certain method or standard.


After searching within myself the past few months, I think that I can say I have finally found confidence in what both my husband and I believe is most essential to our children’s education. That is not academics, teaching our girls to attain certain goals or forcing them to learn anything that they are not ready for, but to educate them in a way that they can still maintain a sense of self and individuality. To not kill their creative forces or childlike innocence, but to allow them to learn in ways that each suit them individually and that enliven them and awaken them.



Right now I am getting Autumn to learn a lot through art, since she always loves to write and draw. I am getting her to make her own multiplication scenes to demonstrate her knowledge of the times tables.



She also made a place value rainbow and is working on cursive writing as well as always writing her own short stories.


I am always looking to make learning fun and to make them excited to learn something new.


Kesa and I do crafty learning together. She is still rather young, so we don’t feel as though she needs to be doing much actual work, but even by following Autumn’s example, she is eager to learn. Right now, my main concern is getting her to hold her pencil properly. She is still in the habit of holding it in her fist. This week we made number ladybugs and she is also working on writing her letters and her name.



Although sometimes it feels overwhelming or extremely challenging, I am loving every stage of our homeschooling journey and feel blessed with the opportunity to be their teacher in more ways than one.