Beyond The Words





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Lately I am finding more and more that words just steal away moments. I want to talk a lot less. Often times I find myself just talking to fill the silence. But the silence really is beautiful! The moment is already complete. Why complicate life with so many words? Even blog posts? The ones I love the best are the ones that I just feel in photographs with little to no words. I love looking at pictures and just feeling them. I hate trying to use words because they can never do the moment justice. They can never truly express my thoughts or my spirit. I find words take away from moments. Take away from what is already complete. I want to talk less and stop feeling as though I need to add anything to the already complete moment.

I think we all think and talk way too much. We are all way too insecure and full of fear and thoughts and words. Silence is feared and avoided. Silence is awkward. Silence scares us because if we knew that everything was just OK the way it was, in the stillness and silence, we would have to quit living the way we do in our crazy heads and doing the things we do day in and out that we think will bring us happiness. Here in these moments when I am behind the camera taking it all in in silence, in these moments everything is already complete and completely awesome.

My mind is always running and racing with thoughts which tire my brain and drain me. I wonder about everything. I am inquisitive. I am always digging, deeper and deeper. I often wonder if I am the only one like this or if maybe I am the only one who notices or admits it. Maybe people are just too busy to notice. Maybe people just don’t care what is on their mind or how powerful thoughts really are. Maybe people like the constant unconscious stream. Maybe I am just crazy. And then of course there is the never-ending judging of myself for all of these things I notice about me and have to over analyze to death. Yep, that’s me.

But that’s enough words for now.