Sewing Squares

Yesterday my mom came over to teach us girls about sewing. It was actually the first time that I set up my sewing machine since I got it for a gift at my bridal shower nearly 5 years ago (has it really been that long?).


Autumn was especially eager to learn. She has been dreaming of sewing her own dolls and making doll clothes for her dolls as well.


She was literally counting down the days until grandma would come over and teach us to sew.


It was a sweet moment to watch her learn. I hope that sewing could become a hobby for her. Now that we know some basics, I am hoping that her and I can learn more together. I think that doing things like sewing, cooking and baking are great for young girls to know how to do and something that I especially want my daughters to learn.

We started with something simple, sewing squares.


I had seen this craft on pinterest for making squares of fabric and stuffing them into a wipe container for babies and toddlers to play with. I thought that would be great for Serafina!


It took a good few hours to do, but we had sew much fun! (lame joke, I know :))


And Serafina loved it too!



Loving living life and making sweet memories with my girls!