Moments from our week held close to my heart with gratitude.

~ No-bake chocolate cookies and chocolate baby faces.




~ A trip to the library. Reading lots of bedtime stories in mommy’s bed.


~ Sight word ice cream cones. Learning together.


~ Paper masks. Kesa had the idea and they entertained them for hours! I eventually had to make my own and join in the fun too.


~ Play doh creations. Autumn decided to make Rapunzel from Tangled and Flynn Rider too. She also took these pictures with my camera.



~ Paper clothes for Strawberry dolls. Don’t know how they think up and make these things.


~ Daddy and his little girl.


~ Lots of time outside and at the playground.





7 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. I love all the creativeness! Do you ever find it difficult to know what to do with all the finished craft projects? We are trying to find a balance between keeping a few more precious pieces and recycling the rest. It’s tricky when kids are (rightfully!) proud of all of their creations. One little thing that is helping somewhat is taking photos of drawings before recycling them.


    • YES! I feel bad when so many of their drawings and things get recycled, but I know that I can’t hang on to everything. I used to try and keep more, but now there are both Autumn’s and Kesa’s and my stack gets real big real fast. Taking pictures of their stuff is a great idea! I definitely do that. It is a great way to preserve the memory. πŸ™‚


  2. I like your last quote. So true. And, also the one about happy thankful people. We’re going through a learning process on that one these days. Being thankful is a pretty powerful choice!!


    • Thanks Alicia! That is why I like to take the time to write these grateful posts. It helps to look at all that you have and be thankful. Been thinking about you these days. πŸ™‚


  3. I love the chocolate face! I also love the first quote. I think so many people forget that we don’t actually need a lot to be happy and so we get caught up in consumerism and debt and all that mess. Thanks for the nice reminders!


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