June Days


So far June has been a beautiful month! All of the leaves are out and you can hardly see through the trees anymore.



Lilacs and other flowers are blossoming, bringing their beauty and fresh scents to the world. The air smells so sweet. I anticipate a big bouquet of lilacs on the kitchen table soon.


The girls have been enjoying picking every flower they see as we walk and making sweet little bouquets. They are always especially happy when the dandelions are out.




It has also been so nice walking down by the river in the evening. Everything is so still and beautiful. The sun is just beginning to set and is not too hot at that time, so it is just perfect to take a nice long walk before coming back home, having a bedtime snack and getting ready for bed. I had to take my point and shoot camera last time to capture some of the beauty.



We’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors these days. Some days have been so hot that the girls change into their swim suits and jump through the sprinkler.


I’ve been enjoying just laying on the lawn under the willow tree relaxing and watching all of their busy play.


And then there is the little garden girl, who would love to just sit and play in the dirt forever. It brings her great satisfaction to just crumble up chunks of dirt or fill her shoe with dirt and empty it again.


Tasting the dirt is fun too.


Autumn said that daddy says she is not allowed in the strawberry patch. But what daddy doesn’t know won’t hurt him right? I was supervising anyway.


I hope that you are taking the time wherever you are to slow down and enjoy the beauty in your life too!


Life is beautiful!


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