6 thoughts on “Sugar – Not So Sweet

  1. Great Post! I am always trying to educate people on the dangers of sugar. I gave up refined sugar April of 2012 and I lost 70 pounds and that was all I did. I switched to a plant based diet and I eat when I am hungry and have never felt better. My family and friends all love the recipes I make from your site as well, especially the brownies πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Janice! We cut out refined sugar in 2010 and now only use natural sweeteners when we want a sweet treat. It tastes just as good and actually makes you feel so much better after eating instead of sick and tired, craving more empty sugar calories. I do believe that sugar truly is addictive. Glad that you enjoy the recipes! πŸ™‚


  2. Being a baking fiend, I use quite a lot of sugar, but we’re a healthy family and I’m certain we none of us eat too much. These stats are scary though, and it’s easy to see how you could quickly eat more than your body can cope with. Thanks for posting them!


  3. Sugar is the one bad habit I am having difficulty breaking. I have been using less sugar and using the more natural sugars when I do have something sweet…but I want sweet pretty often.


  4. Yes I agree with sugar being highly addictive. I have been using coconut sugar in my baking now and the kids don’t even notice the difference. Still tastes good.


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