Around Here

There has been so much going on these days that it is hard to know where to start! We have been spending most of our time outside enjoying all things summer and while looking through my picture folder from this month and picking pictures to blog with, I realized that I have many, many beautiful memories that I want to remember. So here it goes… life around here.




The girls love to play in the yard in the evening. I even sometimes have them eat their snack out there before bed so that the house actually stays clean before we all get to bed.


This moment was too cute not to capture! All three girls sitting in a row.


We picked a lovely bouquet of peonies from our yard before they withered away.


The biggest Jason Mraz fan (next to her momma). Serafina could watch him play forever! She loves music so much and has since she was a baby.


All three girls have a “meow” now. They are obsessed with cats these days.



Autumn and I did a clock craft to help her learn the time better.



Juicy red tomato and lettuce sandwiches! I am loving tomatoes on toast these days with vegetables and hummus.


Serafina loves her veggies and hummus too.


She could eat a whole container or hummus if I let her. She also loves cucumbers and eats a cucumber a day.



Mom! I am trying to eat! Stop taking my picture!


Lots more time has been spent in the water. Serafina is turning into a little fish! It is so nice that she loves her grandpa so much because he takes her into the water while the rest of us girls swim. I love doing laps in the lake for some nice exercise. The water has been so warm and we can’t get enough.





We have also been visiting with Craig’s parents too. They have a nice spot of land out of town where it is so beautiful and peaceful. The girls love to explore around the farm.






Serafina found some pretty daisies to pick.


I just love these pictures!



I baked some chocolate chip banana bread to share. Everyone loved it. Serafina got a chocolatey face. πŸ™‚


After that, we took the girls strawberry picking.






It was really hot in the evening while we were picking, but we got two big boxes full of strawberries!



These strawberries are so much better than store strawberries! Everyone pounced on them right away in the van on the drive home. Craig said that he forgot what real strawberries tasted like, it has been so long since he ate real, fresh off the vine strawberries! Serafina was in heaven!


We have been just eating them up, but I want to use some of them in a recipe soon and share it on the blog, so if you have any suggestions, fire them away! I am thinking some kind of pie, or maybe jam, but would love to hear what suggestions you have.


And all of these busy days make for tired, tuckered out toddlers (and mothers). So we have been trying to go to bed early so that we can wake up with the sun and see what new adventures each day will bring.


Life is beautiful!


11 thoughts on “Around Here

    • Blueberries are my favorite berries! Kesa loves raspberries and Serafina is a strawberry lover. Our strawberry patch didn’t do so well. The birds always eat all the berries. 😦


  1. Love all the photos! A lot of them make me feel nostalgic for the place where I grew up – playing badminton outside, fresh vine ripened tomatoes from our family garden, big peonies from our bushes, playing outside in he evening, etc. I love the photo of all three girls sitting in a row, it’s so cute!


  2. Serafina is getting so big! Those strawberries look so beautiful and yummy. We are growing blueberries and blackberries…I like fruit cobblers and crisps. More fruit than dough is the way I like it! I noticed you don’t have any of those recipes in your book. Maybe that is a southern thing for us here in the South. πŸ˜‰
    Also the pics of the three girls is adorable. I have one of my two boys both looking at some flowers and I am behind them taking the pic. It is my favorite of the two of them together.


    • I know! I can’t believe that she will be two in less than a month now! I love anything with fruit! Crisps and quick breads are my favorite fruity desserts. In the book there is a recipe for Oatmeal Coconut Peach Berry Crisp (page 250) and Cinnamon Apple Crisp (page 251). The Oatmeal Coconut one uses strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and peaches and is delicious! Now I am getting hungry… πŸ™‚


      • Really? Oh my goodness, I don’t know how I missed not one but two recipes in that book! I am in that book every day…thanks for letting me know. Now I just feel silly. *face turning red*
        Ps- I like the pic of Serafina you added to the top of the blog. All of your girls are just so adorable. Oh, I am a cat fanatic too!


  3. It’s so beautiful I’m all choked up here Tiffany. What a group of photos you have shared. It takes me back in time too to many (most) of the same sorts of summer days I spent while I was little. Thanks so much for sharing. Thank all you lovely girlies.



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