Life These Days

It has been so long since I did a post like this. I hadn’t put my pictures in the computer for so long, I had forgotten what was on my camera.


Well, these past few months of winter have been pretty snowy and beautiful. I love the way the sun shines on the pure white snow making it glitter and glisten. Autumn and I have been going for walks together everyday, just her and I because it is often too cold or the snow is too deep to take Kesa and Serafina along so they stay home with daddy. Our time together one on one, talking and bonding is so special to me. When we walk together is also when we quiz each other with multiplication and division questions or spelling words. Autumn has been progressing so much in her math and all her schooling really, it amazes me how much she has learned this homeschool year so far. Everyday I look at her I can’t believe how grown up she is getting. She will be ten this fall and is really maturing into a fine young woman. Sometimes I look at her and feel that I am really not ready for that. There is so much I still want to teach her and so many books I want to read together. When those thoughts come up I just remind myself to take life one day, one moment at a time and trust that everything will turn out alright.


The girls love to play outside in the snow as often as they can and make lots of snow forts or snow cakes.


Catching snow flakes on their tongues or eating snow seems to be a lot of fun too.



Serafina goes crazy for snow. She loves to eat it.



Autumn loves to bury Kesa in the snow.




We’ve been enjoying a lot of soup this winter. I love to make a big pot of minestrone soup with tons of carrots and tomatoes and throw whatever beans, noodles and spices I feel like for that day. Brown rice noodles are great in the soup.


Roasted vegetables are another winter favorite of mine.


As is baking of course. We’ve been enjoying many cinnamon buns, cookies and muffins.


Some evenings we play games together. I went and got the girls some new games one day because we really don’t have very many. We got a barrel of monkeys, connect four and Jenga Tetris. It is a lot of fun, but always makes them nervous to play. No one wants the tower to fall and crash on their turn.



Our kitchen was made brighter with Kesa’s cloud and rainbow craft and we made a new sun for our kitchen with both Autumn and Kesa’s handprints.



In our homeschool/computer room we hung up some waldorf alphabet letters which I tore out of the Waldorf Alphabet Book. I love how the letters are shown throw the images, teaching the sound of each and what words begin with each letter in an artistic and imaginative way.



Both girls are doing so well with schooling. We have completed many units over the last few months. We did Botany, Zoology (The Human Being and The Animal World), read Jakob Streit’s old testament stories and Autumn does her daily cursive writing and mathematics (adding, subtracting, multiplication and division). We started fractions, money and measurement now too and are working through Grammar-Land. I’ve been thinking of posting more about our homeschooling and sharing some of Autumn’s amazing work. She always takes her time and does such a great job! We often bake together too.






Serafina is obsessed with her Winnie The Pooh mega blocks. She holds them all day long (especially Piglet) and never puts them down, not even to eat. She has learned to hold a spoon and eat while simultaneously gripping tightly to her precious Piglet and Tigger. They also go to bed with her and when she wakes up to find that they are out of her hands, she quickly grabs them again in the morning.


More beautiful things I am loving about life…

This silly little girl of mine. Growing up so fast already. I can’t believe this summer she will be three.







Listening to Autumn read aloud to us all. She loves the Never Girls series of fairy books.


A beautiful little bride.




Hoping your days are filled with joy and many memories also! If you are still enduring winter, I hope that you are keeping warm and cozy too! Even though I really do love winter, I am very much looking forward to spring and to warmth and green, to get a garden in and to spend some time at the beach. πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Life These Days

  1. That was lovely reading. I really miss the days when I was the centre of my children’s universe, they now are 20 and 18. You have reminded me of the special days a mother spends lovingly raising and teaching her children to be well rounded human beings.


  2. Just love your blog you have such a wonderful family. Autumn is maturing into such a lovely little lady. Wish i would have had your blog with all your great ideas and crafts and homeschooling when my 2 girls were young, they are now 25 and 26.


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