Summer Fun and Self-Reflection








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Lately we have been spending more time at the beach and the park, or just being outside in nature. There is a feeling in the air now that summer is going to begin to wind down. In August Craig is taking his holidays and we are hoping to go camping again and have some real outdoor experiences. I feel like this summer has been really slipping away on us and we haven’t had time to do much outdoors and just relax in nature. I have been on this house cleaning, decluttering kick for the past few weeks and it feels really good to simplify our space and let go of things that are no longer serving me, but I have been in the house more than I would like. I feel this to be such a reflection of my mind too. As I let go of things that I don’t want in my home and life, I am also letting go of old memories and attachments that I have with the past and the self I no longer want to be. Really reinventing myself and evaluating where I am now. I also am still wondering if and when to start up a new blog, but I am still torn about that. There are things about this space that I love, but I do also feel as though I have grown and changed a lot from when I started (as we are all always growing and changing). Part of me knows though that it is okay to just continue on here and share myself (Live.Learn.Love.Eat.), no matter who I am and if I am different. Another part of me is ready for a new start and possibly making new connections.

I have been going through a time of real spiritual growth and have so many insights that I want to share. I miss coming here and sharing those deep, inner thoughts with you. Sometimes I look back on old posts and even inspire myself! I miss inspiring others and connecting on a deeper level with others through my writings and have really felt a call to come back to that for a long time now. Somehow I drifted away from that self that I want to be over the past winter and I am still trying to figure it all out and find guidance about what to do. I was shaken a while back and have been running away from listening to that inner voice for so long, it feels hard to get back up and be brave enough to let my light shine through once again. I tell myself that I am too busy and make all kinds of excuses about it all, but I know that I have to find a way to make time for the expression and connection that I find here because it is a major part of who I am and when I don’t, I feel my happiness begin to fade. I have faith that those who still want to be a part of my life will continue to be, no matter who I am, where I go or what I do. Still, change is always a bit scary and can really cause you to lose old connections, which is something I fear. When those thoughts come up I remember this quote, “When someone says “You’ve changed,” it simply means you’ve stopped living your life their way.” Still, it is hard to lose people and see them leave your life, but maybe once I just listen to what I am supposed to do and do it, I will find deeper and more meaningful connections and a real sense of inner peace.

Thus goes the thought train.

Thinking of all of you out there reading and wishing you a peaceful night! 🙂





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