Sharing Inspiration – Finding Joy

This piece comes from a dear friend of mine who I met through this blog. She is a sweet soul and sister of light who stays home and raises her two non-verbal autistic kids, AKA angels. To me, she has been such a help and comfort in my time of questioning, fear and doubt while I was awaiting a diagnosis for Serafina. She has such insight and experience with her children and was gracious enough to share a little bit of her life as a busy mother and light worker with us all today in the form of this writing entitled Finding Joy.

IMG_2786Finding Joy

By Bird

My children show me joy in the amazing strength that I see in them every day. They have the long suffering strength to endure the challenges that they have in their lives constantly. They are able to smile and giggle even when they endure so much. My children show me joy when they find the beauty in the smallest and simplest things in life, the falling autumn leaf, the iridescent floating bubble, the vast blue sky. They connect to things unseen that I as a part of this world have closed myself off to. My children show me joy in the choice that they have made to come into this life as master teachers to me, to show me love and patience. The fact that they sacrifice for me in this way brings my soul to bow to them in humble appreciation. I am forever in gratitude to the experiences and lessons that this life with these beautiful special children has given me and to God that makes this all possible and that brings me JOY.



And I couldn’t agree more! 🙂


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