From Spring to Winter and Back Again

The weather has been playing some tricks on us as of late. It was spring, then it suddenly turned back to winter, and now it is trying to be spring again.









Last week we had a surprising amount of snow dumped on us and it seemed that it was back to winter. Still, we got on our jackets, boots, and mitts and took our morning walks. The snow made everything look so pretty.







The girls made the best of it and Autumn and Kesa made a little skating rink in our yard, shovelling snow off of what was a few days before a big, deep puddle.
















Kesa decided to make a snow cake with icicle candles and some snow cupcakes too.



And Serafina loves to run around in the snow, stopping frequently to taste it.




Yesterday it rained and we took a short walk after the rain together as a family. I love when we can do that together, so it makes me a happy wife and mother.

Later in the evening Autumn and Kesa baked some more Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies for me. I love these cookies and can’t get enough of them! It is also so nice that they can now bake together for the family.

I have been planning spring activities and Easter activities for the girls too as Easter is approaching. My dilemma is always trying to find good stories for them, but I am starting to think that I am going to have to invent my own.

I’ve been seriously thinking of writing and publishing a new cookbook and also now of children’s stories or poetry. I love to write and have goals of sharing this gift with the world.

How is the weather where you are? Do you have any Easter plans or traditions?

Much Love,


3 thoughts on “From Spring to Winter and Back Again

  1. Our weather, like yours, flips from snow, to warm and back to snow – again. My kids (most of them) and I are getting together with Grandma on Friday. I’m bringing along those peanut butter cupcakes you posted! And a pizza with Daiya cheese.
    Easter Sunday we’re just spending together as a family.
    A NEW cookbook? Wait, I am just placing an order for your first one!


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