Celebrating Easter

We have had a very busy past five days. Since it was spring break, the girls’ cousins were off of school and were able to come for a visit.





Wednesday, the girls’ second cousins came for the day and their girl cousin stayed overnight.

They spent a lot of time outside and at the park while my cousin and I got to visit.



Kesa and Thurston decided it was great fun to go fishing from the wagon in a deep puddle in the yard. A moment too cute not to capture.






The girls spent a lot of time playing and decided to tackle a baking project the next day and make Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Stuffed Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting. It was sweet to see them all baking away in the kitchen.

After that, my nephew was able to come and stay over for two nights. It is great to see the kids making memories together. Spending time with cousins is not something that I got to experience as a child. Our family was not very connected, so it is important for me that my children have these memories.




Saturday we were off to visit my brother who came from Alberta for an Easter dinner at my mom and dad’s. The girls had an Easter egg hunt in the yard, which was a lot of fun and got homemade dolls from Grandma.





On Sunday morning the Easter bunny came and filled the girls Easter baskets. They got organic candy and chocolate, some books, Mini Pom Pom Pets, sidewalk chalk, and bubble wands.











We also enjoyed a stir-fry meal together. Serafina ate rice from the pot.






And Sunday afternoon Craig’s parents were able to come for a little visit.

Now, it is time to return to our regular rhythm and get back to homeschooling and reading. I love changes, visits, and a bit of busyness, but am excited to get back on track with life and back into our regular routine. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Celebrating Easter

  1. What a wonderful couple of days! I loved the fishing picture – how adorable.
    We too made those cupcakes. They were VERY VERY yummy!


  2. Glad that the kids got to hang out with their cousins. I love those Pom Pom critters, so cute! I also like the new pics on your header.


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