We went out of town to visit my brother and his wife and family this weekend. We had a nice little visit and the girls got to play with their cousins, which was so nice to see. They also had a nice gift for Serafina for her birthday.

My sister-in-law, Tania was sweet enough to think of sewing together an outfit for Serafina.


In case you haven’t noticed, our little girl is often wearing sleepers (backwards to boot). No, it is not because I am an ignorant parent. It is because if Serafina is in regular clothes, or wearing her sleepers the proper way, she will most likely strip naked. It is risky to take her out in clothes because we never know when she might decide to take them off (a real nature’s child). Sometimes she will wear clothes and sometimes she won’t, but she does always love to wear her sleepers.


This thoughtful gift really touched me. The fact that she took the time to sew the shirt and pants together and attach a zipper and a snap, so Serafina could have a nice outfit to wear is really touching to me. It is a bit big right now, but she will grow into it. I just really appreciated the fact that Tania took the time to do this for us and Serafina, even though she is also a busy mom to two. I also could do the same, but I don’t have time, with all that I have on my plate.


Thank you Tania for your loving kindness! You really should start a business of this! I am sure that there would be many autism parents in need of a line of clothing such as this. ❤

I hope that this post inspires you to reflect upon a thoughtful deed done for you with gratitude, and also to know that your loving kindness and thoughtfulness can mean so much in the world of another. Even small things can make a big difference!


*If you have a child with autism who likes to take their clothes off, putting sleepers on them backwards, with no feet, (or by cutting the feet off of a footed sleeper) works to prevent them from getting out. We also tie a ribbon on the back because our little Houdini has wiggled out a few times in the past. (Yes, out of a backwards sleeper!) We add the tied ribbon at night to prevent her from getting into her dirty diapers, which can be a big mess. If you are ambitious enough and know how to sew, buying pants and a shirt and a zipper and making an outfit, such as this with a snap at the back would be awesome too! Both of these ideas originally came from the brain of my mother. Thank you Grandma!

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Much Love,