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These days have been full of wonderful things and full of awful things–sickness. I have been very sick for over a week and had to go on antibiotics again, but I am so grateful to have my wonderful family; such a love-filled unit that always works together to keep peace and harmony in our home.

Autumn and Kesa have been being extra helpful with cleaning. One day they just said, “We are going to clean the house super-good for you.” Of course I didn’t object to that! They were so thrilled about it and set to work, organizing, dusting and even scrubbing. It was quite a heart-warming moment for me, yet another to add to the storehouse of beautiful moments that I keep etched upon my heart.

They have also been helpful with cooking. Tonight we made chili for dinner.







Schooling was going really well, until we ran out of paper. The store in town has not restocked it and I got sick, so school was/is kind of on break now, although we are still reading together and Autumn is still doing her summarizing.  Right now we are on the third book in the Anne Of Green Gables series. This series is quite enjoyable for us all. I really love the character Anne Shirley. I feel as though I can relate a lot to her and I was often told that I looked like Anne when I was a girl, with my red hair in pig tail braids.



We have been enjoying dessert every night after dinner these days. It is something that we all look forward to after a long day. In the evening the girls and I bake a cake, or apple crisp and we all gather at the table and indulge in some healthy sweets. My kind of way to relax and appreciate life!

Serafina is on a gluten-free diet trial, to see if it will make any difference in her sociability and mood. These days she has been super outgoing and sweet, especially to her momma and has had less issues with whining and her getting angry, as well as less obsessive compulsiveness; we just aren’t sure if it is a part of her normal phase, or if it is the removing of gluten from her diet. She is really craving bread these days, constantly bringing us loaves of bread from the freezer as if to say, “Come on, I need my bread!” She has gluten-free bread, which I tried and is not too bad. Still, she is missing what she is used to. I am thinking of having all of us transition to more gluten-free baking and bread if this really does make a difference for her too, so it won’t have to be an issue to keep it away from her, but for now, we still have some gluten-laden goodies.

The other day Serafina was into the garlic and decided to suck on some raw garlic cloves. I think that she really does intuitively know what is good for her. I REALLY hope that she doesn’t get this cold that Autumn and I have had. So far everyone else seems healthy and happy, so I am glad.






Autumn has been busily looming dragons, and made this special dragon for a contest she plans to enter (and hopefully win).



She also has been wanting all year to donate her ponytail at the Terry Fox run in town. Last Sunday was the event and she had to go. We were all planning on going, but I was so sick, so daddy just took her. I wish I could have come to watch and support her, my brave and generous daughter. She was happy to have done what she did and she knows her hair will grow back soon enough.








Kesa learned to ride an even bigger bike this week! At the beginning of summer she was so afraid to ride without her training wheels and the first time was so scared for anyone to let go of her bike. She got on this bigger bike with such confidence. I reached onto her handle bar to help her the first time on this bigger bike and she said, “Mommy! I can do it myself!” No fear at all. She is looking so, so grown up to me (and is acting it too)!


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Life is beautiful! I am grateful! 🙂