Reflecting On The Seasons

There is a change in the air. Although it isn’t quite cold yet and there are still some days that are pretty hot, there is a feeling that the season is changing. The leaves are beginning to lose their life and turn dry and dull and the wind has a slight chill to it, especially in the morning and at night.

The change of season has got me thinking ahead to all of the things that each season brings for us. I am grateful to be able to experience all of the changing seasons of the year where we are and for our kids to grow up where there are a variety of seasons. The cold dark winter and the snow; the beautiful, budding freshness of spring; the hot, sunny summers we spend at the beach; and the colorful, cool fall we go for long walks in and collect leaves, recyclables and trash.

On our walk together yesterday morning the girls and I were talking about the different things we do in each of the different seasons. It got us all really reminiscing over the happy moments we have created together as a family and made us feel really appreciative of the four seasons we are blessed to experience and how we enjoy unique things about each of them. Instead of dreading the cold winter months to come we began to think up our favorite things about each season. Soon we were feeling very happy.












  • ~ Seeing the changing leaves and all of the beautiful colors
  • ~ Talking about how the fairies paint the leaves and the wind fairies blow them down from the trees
  • ~ Apples are in abundance
  • ~ Cinnamon is lovely in anything
  • ~ Pumpkins come out in abundance now to carve or use in recipes
  • ~ We start to bake and cook more
  • ~ Gathering acorns on the walk to play with and create acorn families (the girls love to play with the acorns)
  • ~ Watching it get darker earlier every night
  • ~ Harvesting our garden
  • ~ Corn is in abundance
  • ~ Homeschool year begins
  • ~ We start reading more
  • ~ Michaelmas
  • ~ The geese fly south to migrate
  • ~ The bridge gets taken down by the river
  • ~ The days begin to shorten more and more














  • ~ Sledding
  • ~ Skiing
  • ~ Skating
  • ~ Baking cookies, cakes, quick breads and muffins
  • ~ Sharing our baking with family, neighbors and friends
  • ~ Snow Angels
  • ~ Snowmen
  • ~ Icicles
  • ~ Making snowballs and snow forts
  • ~ Crunchy snow underfoot on walks
  • ~ Catching snowflakes on our tongues to taste and on our mitts to look at
  • ~ Talking about how the winter fairies frost the grass and trees and make the snowflakes fall
  • ~ Cuddling up cozily in mommy’s bed to read
  • ~ Having the heater on and warming up by the heat
  • ~ Watching movies (we put the T.V away for the whole rest of the year) and having snacks while watching
  • ~ Visiting Grandparents
  • ~ Playing Board Games
  • ~ Christmas and Christmas Baking
  • ~ Putting up and decorating the Christmas tree
  • ~ Christmas dance recital and Christmas costumes
  • ~ Seeing the Christmas lights and decorations put up all over town
  • ~ Seeing the Christmas trees in other people’s houses when we go out walking and counting how many we find
  • ~ Playing “kick the snow chunk” as we walk.
  • ~ Mandarin oranges and grapes are in abundance
  • ~ Organic candy canes and candy
  • ~ New flavors of tea come out for the holiday season
  • ~ Baking lots of soup and bread for lunch and dinner/more heavy, warming and filling meals





  • ~ The ice melts and the bridge is put back over the river
  • ~ We get to take walks around the river over the bridge again
  • ~ It is easier for us all to get outside, no more hats, mitts, boots, winter jackets and snow pants
  • ~ Seeing the first buds of leaves begin to form on the trees
  • ~ Watching the lilacs begin to bloom
  • ~ Counting the robins we see when we walk
  • ~ Seeing the geese return after their migration
  • ~ Playing “Don’t step on the goose poop” as we walk by the river on the river path
  • ~ Watching the sun stay out later and later
  • ~ Warmth
  • ~ Light
  • ~ Fresh new feelings and anticipation of summer and the outdoor things we can now do
  • ~ Side walk chalk
  • ~ Bubbles
  • ~ Ladybugs
  • ~ Making iced tea
  • ~ Making Popsicles
  • ~ New recipes using fruits and veggies/eating more cooling foods











  • ~ Hours of bright sunlight
  • ~ Flowers in full bloom
  • ~ Feeling lulled into a dream and relaxed to the utmost
  • ~ An abundance of berries are out
  • ~ Swimming at the beach
  • ~ Going to Grandma’s lake and spending hours swimming and visiting
  • ~ Endless hours of outdoor play
  • ~ Camping trips
  • ~ Bonfires
  • ~ Late nights
  • ~ Mosquitoes (don’t look forward to these, but they come with summer)
  • ~ Dragonflies
  • ~ Butterflies
  • ~ The girls spend hours outside and on the play structure
  • ~ Sun hats
  • ~ Frequent walks and stops at the school playground since school is out
  • ~ Sitting by the river and soaking up the sun
  • ~ Picnic lunches outside
  • ~ The rides come to town
  • ~ Swimming lessons
  • ~ Ice Cream
  • ~ Watermelon
  • ~ Berry Picking
  • ~ Meteor Showers



Every season is so beautiful and every day there is always something to be grateful for!