Conscious Visualization

In the morning a good practice is to notice your thoughts right away.

Is your mind running off on thoughts that are rushed, worried, angry, annoyed, or agitated? Are you already thinking about all of the things you have to do today and people that you are going to see and visualizing a negative experience?

I think that often we do this, most of us unconsciously. Our days begin in a negative thought trail and since we already visualised that negative outcome and held thoughts of worry, doubt, aggitaton, etc. we are setting up our day to actually go that way. We are in a way asking for an unpleasant experience to come to us by focusing so much on it and feeling it in our bodies as if its already happening or by just expecting it to happen.

Suddenly, we are feeling tense, short of breath, tired, maybe even getting a headache or stomach ache, and soon we find ourselves doing less than healthful things to our bodies to try and get rid of the discomforts we’re already feeling physically. It could be revving ourselves up with caffiene, taking medications, skipping breakfast, and then picking up food that we know won’t do our body any good.

Instead, if we take a few simple moments in the morning upon waking up to visualise our day and see happiness, accomplishment, satisfaction, fun, relaxation, ease, peace, and joyful encounters with the people we meet, our day is more likely to be positive and filled with positive experiences.

Today I woke up and positively visualised my day. I thought of the few things that I’d like to accomplish (including going for a walk, reading, working on my book, and getting some cleaning done) but I also told myself that if they don’t get done, that’s ok too. I visualised my encounters with the people that I’m going to see being positive and uplifting experiences and I already have felt gratitude for this day, even though I have just opened my eyes to the gift that it is.

Our thoughts are powerful and we can choose them. We often run on unconscious thoughts, or rather, unconscious thoughts run our day, but it doesn’t have to be like that. We can make it our goal to practice conscious visualisation and manifestation and reap the sweet, peaceful rewards our simple practice will bring.

I felt inspired to write this today because hopefully somebody needed the message! 🙂

See yourself and your life the way you want it to be. See yourself happy, healthy, loved, and enjoying your days.

I wish you all a lovely weekend! ❤