Soaking Up Summer


Autumn and Kesa have finished up their Botany and Nature Studies and I’ve filled out our homeschool progress report for the year. We actually got quite a bit done, as well as read nine books together, six of the Anne Of Green Gables series, Christ Legends at Christmas, The Swiss Family Robinson, and King Arthur. The girls also read other books on their own as well. I love that we are always reading all year round and soaking up so many of the classics.


I’ve enjoyed the nature study a lot. It’s nice when we go out for walks and they are eager to identify what trees, shrubs, and flowers that they see now, something I think many adults don’t even know. This study has made us all feel more connected to nature.


Autumn is still practising music daily. The house is either filled with songs from the piano or the clarinet. It is just so nice to hear, especially if I’m coming back from a walk and the windows are open and I can hear it as I approach the house. She is almost through the first clarinet book and is ready for the second one.


She is also still always craftily looming, and so is Kesa.


I am 29 weeks pregnant now! 11 more weeks to go! I feel ready to meet him any time, but am totally content to enjoy the pregnancy a while longer too.


Picture at 27 weeks


28 weeks. My big round belly!

11 weeks seems so close some days and so far other days. Baby is 2.9 lbs and 16-17 inches at this point. I’m feeling really comfortable now though. I’ve started doing prenatal yoga and workouts and am walking daily. We are also taking every opportunity to go swimming now that the water is warm. I find swimming to be such a relaxing exercise for me always, but especially when I’m pregnant.


We tried to go 2 weeks ago and it was so cold. Now, at my parents beach anyway, it is warm and all of the girls are enjoying the water. The only thing is I got a sunburn on the weekend and so this week I’m trying to not go into the sun during the hottest parts of the day. Instead, I’m staying in and doing my workout or some yoga and taking walks in the morning or at night.

Another place we’ve been 4 times so far this summer is the pool in town. I guess that’s how we break in summer and celebrate the solstice. Our first swim of the year is usually on or around that date.


This year Serafina is so confident in the water. It’s kinda scary how fearless she is, but water is her favorite thing in the world. Baths, puddles, lakes, pools, even the kitchen sink. She could play in or with water for hours. That is her main sensory enjoyment. The first time that we took her to the pool this year was the best day of her life, I’m sure. We’ve never seen her so happy about anything before. It was so sweet.


Her greatest enjoyment.

I’m planning on continuing to homeschooling a bit throughout summer and then taking our break when the baby comes in September and Craig has 3 weeks off. Usually our homeschooling is very relaxed anyway, so this is what works for us. We do a little bit here and there throughout the day, as well as take time to go for walks, go to the beach, and visit family on weekends. September will be a really nice time to just be together as a family of six.

For now we will continue enjoying what summer has to offer. I cannot believe that we are headed into July already! Time flies!

How have you been enjoying the first bit of summer? What do you do to celebrate the summer solstice?

Much Love!