Sore Throats and Sniffles

All the ladies of the house are currently sick with a cold.

On top of all of the other symptoms I have from being in my third trimester of pregnancy, this is something I definitely do not need… or want, but sickness is apart of life, I suppose. I find it so weird how I always end up getting summer colds. I was fine all winter long (besides the morning sickness).

It started with Serafina and her stuffy nose. She can’t tell us how she feels, but her eyes looked glazed over and we could tell she wasn’t being herself.

Since we share food and drinks, of course I got it. Now today Autumn and Kesa are sick with sore throats and stuffy noses too. When Kesa gets sick she sleeps it off and so that is what she is doing today. Serafina is probably closer to feeling better now, while I am in the middle of it. Last night the pain in my throat was so bad I had to get up at 2 in the morning to gargle with apple cider vinegar and make apple cider vinegar tea. It sort of helped, but the tiredness and pain comes and goes throughout the day.

It’s unfortunate timing too because this week was supposed to be Kesa’s swimming lessons and there is no refund for cancellations at this point.

Oh well, I am taking it all as happening for a reason.

One thing for sure is that I have got a lot of homeschooling planning done. Yesterday for some reason I felt super motivated to plan ahead and now I see why that was. We read a ton and they were so into the lessons. So everything is prepared and I can rest.

Since the kids are sick we are all just taking it easy. It’s cloudy here anyway so there is an atmosphere of slowing down to this day. I got laundry done, so that’s something accomplished!

And now to wait until daddy is around to help out with things. Usually it happens that he doesn’t get these types of colds and so far he hasn’t got it. Lucky duck!


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