Summer Rhythm


I can’t believe it’s July already! I know that I say it all the time, but time really does go so fast!

I think that this pregnancy has gone by so fast too. I have ten weeks left to go and it doesn’t seem that far.

I have bursts of energy in the morning and then by the afternoon I feel pretty tired these days. Like I actually have to have a little nap because I can’t keep awake and won’t be able to do anything at all in the evening if I don’t. This baby must be doing a lot of growing now!


Cuddling her baby brother.

One other thing I have now is terrible indigestion and heartburn. Food has no more space in me. I can only eat a little at a time, although I would love to eat more, but if I do I pay for it with indigestion and heartburn that lasts all night and into the next day. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’ve learned this more than one time.

oat carrot cookies 2

Foods that I’ve been enjoying are Mango Banana ice cream, almond butter toast, soup, veggie sandwiches, lots of fruit, baked potatoes and corn. ย This baby loves corn! I also occasionally get the craving for something baked and make apple cake, doughnut holes, or cookies with oats, though the cookies don’t seem to sit well with me right now!



We are into a fine summer rhythm now. In the mornings Autumn and I wake up before everyone else and go out for a walk before it gets too hot. It’s nice to take this time together to talk and just enjoy the stillness of the morning before any one is out and about in the town either. The sun slowly makes its way higher into the sky as we come back home and then rest, tired out from our long walk and dose of fresh morning air.

I read her lesson for the day and give her a little assignment to do. Then the rest of the family awakes and we have breakfast.


After breakfast the girls play outside while I clean up the kitchen. The girls come in and do their work. This is usually when I give Kesa her lesson.

Soon it is lunch time and then the clean up that follows that.

Afternoon is when we read. We are nearly done Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm now and will start something else soon.


Evenings are spent relaxingly. We have dinner together, maybe take another walk, or go to the pool or beach. There is likely more reading in there too, and Autumn usually practices the clarinet.

Our weekends are usually spent relaxing and visiting family. We go to the lake at my parents and enjoy a swim and a short visit. Then we go to Craig’s parents too. Yard work gets done and we read some more.



I’m enjoying getting a head start on their schooling now before the baby arrives. I told Kesa that we have two more units I want to complete and then in September she’ll have a break when the baby comes. She then said, “I don’t want to take a break! ย I like to do my work.” This coming from literally the most stubborn kid in the world family. She has really adopted a love of her lessons and of writing all of a sudden and I’m so grateful for her turnaround. It makes life so much easier, plus, I believe that kids really only can learn and retain information when they want to. She really does now and it’s so sweet to see.



Sometimes I think I’m not doing a good job, or I worry about their future/if they’re learning enough. Then there are moments where they just shine and melt my heart and I know that there is nothing at all to worry about. I really do also believe that everything happens in divine timing. Even Serafina has made some big changes these days and has been much more happy and easy-going and less obsessive compulsive.


I’d say life is pretty sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚




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