Wordless Bliss


On the drive home, with the windows down and the wind blowing wildly in her hair and face, she screams for joy. Her new favorite thing to do, scream.

I sit beside her and she grabs my hands to wrap my arms around her. She wants a hug. She’s in love with this moment and I hold her close. Her arms on mine as if to say, “Don’t let go mommy!”

There need be no words. We understand each other perfectly well without them. I grab my phone to take a picture. I want to remember this moment. I snap a few pictures, three out of four no good because she keeps wiggling about as one of my arms has been taken from by her side.

She takes my phone and tosses it down to the floor as if so much less in value than this moment. And she’s right.

My arm resumes its place by her side. “Be here with me mom. Enjoy this moment.”

I do. And it is perfect.



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