The Power To Change

When we are becoming awakened to our true self we will begin to face some darkness. And I’ll be honest, “some”, is an understatement.

It is a continuous journey of uncovering, unlearning, and undoing what has been done to us and what we have been conditioned to believe and be, from our upbringing, to each of our relationships, to the programming of our minds by media and our system of education. It can get pretty heavy.

When we make the decision that the life we have unconsciously received is not fitting us anymore, we begin the process of awakening and rediscovering our pure and spotless selves. It is who we came to earth as. It is there, underneath it all and once we meet that pure self and fall in love with it, there’s nothing else we will take on or pretend to be from that moment forward.

Some people like to blame heredity, believing that their parents and upbringing has just made them who they are and there’s nothing they can do about it. Their identity is that belief. But consider the truth that you are spirit. As spirit, you are more than your heredity. You, as spirit, can choose to rise above everything, even heredity. You don’t have to inherit disease, whether physical, mental, or spiritual. No. You don’t have to identify with that anymore once you have met yourself as spirit.

This is a hard stage on the journey of uncovering you because that is one conditioning we like to believe that is out of the realm of our ability to transform. But it is a very real truth that it is only a hardened conditioned mind state. You can rise above every disease, hereditary or not. Dis-ease is anything that is not ease and is obstructing you to your true state as spirit of peace, acceptance, joy, and complete love of yourself, others, and most importantly, your life.

It will take a lot of work, a lot of dying to self and strengthening of the mind. At this stage it’s not just about shining a little bit of light on it and it’s good, it’s about believing in something so strongly that you control your mind to the point that you never let it identify with that past self and dis-ease ever again. You become the one who takes control over the hereditary patterns you have witnessed taking over in your life that you know are not the real, authentic you.

And when you do this, you decide to be bigger than your conditioning, even heredity, you get stronger. You feel weak at first, you may even fall down a few times under the weight of it, but your strength builds and you become strong enough to bear the new weight.

This is what life is on a conscious spiritual path of uncovering, undoing, transforming, recreating yourself. There will be new lessons, but when they appear, what you must know is that you have become strong enough to face the new lesson. It wouldn’t have presented itself if you weren’t.

I was listening to this song this morning and it inspired me to write about the ability to overcome even what is in our very blood!

I do not believe we are destined to be our parents by heredity and/or repeat the known patterns we have witnessed or have absorbed. We can be more that that. We can be ourselves and have the lives we dream of living. We can come home if we are willing to do the hard work of strengthening our mind and spirit so that we can evolve into who we know we are and are meant to be.

Much love,