Take Off The Mask


Today, just say no to:

Negative Thinking
Low Self-Esteem
Abuse (from yourself or another)
Lack of Self-Confidence

Just be you. Be light. Be love.

Let yourself for once be given the chance to be loved by others, by first of all loving and accepting all of who you are.

Light and dark. Good and bad. Positive and not-so-positive. It’s all one because it’s all you and it’s all brought you to wake up to the person you are today, in this moment.

If you haven’t completely loved and accepted yourself, what better day than today? What better time than right now?

It really is that simple. And I’m callling you out.

Accept that the past all happened to bring you to where you are right now, reading these words, having the choice to decide that you love what the past has made you today, a beautiful, forgivable, loveable, being of light with a purpose and a bright future. Any future that you can imagine.

I believe that we all have gifts to bring when we come down to earth. Our life shapes us and teaches us who we are and awakens us to what those gifts are. They are our passion. They light us up and make us smile inside and out.

Many of us are still living in fear of our gifts. Some are still unconscious of what they are, others are waking up to them, others still, know what they are, but are afraid to use them. They are afraid to live out their passion. Perhaps because they don’t think they deserve happiness, or perhaps because they doubt their abilities. Or a really big one that many people see as an obstacle to being themselves and using their gifts is the fear of what others would think of them.

But I’m going to call bull shit on that one because the truth of why anyone is not living as themselves, wearing a mask, or hiding and suppressing their gifts is fear of their own greatness.

We fear knowing and being awake because we see so many people seeming to be content with living mediocre lives and settling for unhappiness and an existence that is not conducive to actually feeling ALIVE. It’s a societal sickness.

We are each waiting for someone to jump first and be the one who totally accepts themselves because it’s like we know we need to all be in this together as human beings.

And it’s true. It would be a lot easier and feel a lot more comfortable if we could together begin to shine and encourage and inspire each other for our unique selves and gifts that we bring.

If we could do that and drop the mentality of sameness that has been fed to us and instead wake up to the fact that we are all unique and that’s the only real, true, lasting thing that we have in common, we could forget hate, fear, judgement and insecurity. We could rise above all of that and take off the masks. We could let ourselves love and be loved because on that human level we can all relate to each other. Our only sameness is our uniqueness, as paradoxical as that sounds.

So today, I encourage you to accept your past. Don’t live there anymore. Take off the shackles and release yourself. Be one of the ones who goes against the grain and stands out as a person who’s living life instead of merely existing.

Forgive yourself. Accept the lessons. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to let go of and then walk into a new life as a new you. Recreate yourself. Right. Now.

Be the you that you desire to be. A you that you could live the rest of your life loving completely because you know that you are being authentic. Get naked with the truth of your being and fall in love with every perfect imperfection.

Decide to no longer wrestle to keep alive the parts of you that want to die and leave you what you were meant to be. Put your energy instead on uncovering your greatness and allowing yourself to be a being of light and love with a unique purpose and gift (or two or three) to bring to the world.

Shine bright!