Pheonyx 13 & 14 Months

This boy became a little climber as soon as he mastered walking. He loves to climb chairs and be a big boy!


~ Loves to eat everything still. I have been giving him granola even though he has only two teeth, I let it soften up in the milk. He also especially loves cookies, crackers, buns and muffins that mommy makes..

~ Starting to get used to eating with a spoon but prefers his hands.

~ Likes to sit at the piano bench and play piano.


~ Is best friends with his big sister, Kesa. It is so great to see them bonding all day long, building forts, playing peek a boo, or chasing each other around and playing hide and go seek tag.


~ Has one nap a day, out on a walk in the chariot. It’s a good thing it has a cover over it because some days there is a pretty intense north wind. He just sleeps soundly, regardless of it, protected in his chariot.

~ Still breastfeeding a few times a day and at night but takes a bottle with milk or juice.

~ Has two bottom front teeth!


~ Looks like Daddy but with Mommy’s fair skin and reddish blonde hair.

~ Loves music and dancing.


~ Wearing 18-24 months size clothes.

~ Says many words, tree, Dada, Momma, Keta (Kesa), Auty (Au-ee) Bubba (Bottle), Ball (Ba), Kitty, (Keey), Booby (Booey), Bu (Book) and now can saw nice (nie), cheese (chee), Bunny (for bunny crackers and suckers for some reason).

~ Discovered candy. We buy these organic suckers made from fruit juice and he tried one and got obsessed. When he sees them, he gets really excited.

~ Definitely fake cries to try and get what he wants.

~ Is finally growing some hair.

~ Is a super smart, amazing little boy that I feel so blessed to get to raise!

Time has just been flying by! Pheonyx will already be 15 months tomorrow! How?

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