October Days


Gone is that bright green grass and gone are the lush trees, full of green leaves.

The days are turning colder now and almost all of the beautiful golden leaves are gone too. It’s a good thing that we bought Pheonyx a snowsuit early. Taking him out for walks requires it. That, or layers and a blanket, but the snowsuit is so easy!


It’s not his favorite thing because he can’t exactly walk (or run) around in it, but it’s warm and cozy and it looks so good on him!


Earlier this month, I took a reiki course. I am now a certified level 1 and 2 reiki practitioner. Reiki is something that sorta just found me. After being so sick for so long in the spiring and having thyroid issues, I went to my angel reader friend for some spiritual insight. She mentioned a woman who was an amazing reiki practitioner. I decided to make an appointment with her, my first ever reiki appointment, and it was amazing. I’ve had three other appointment with her and at one of them I saw a sign about her teaching a class. I was immediately interested and signed up for it.


I also met a few friends online who also practice and teach reiki and had some reiki sessions with the amazing Jill Freeman. She was also offerening reiki 1 and so I took an online class with her before my in person class and got my level 1 certificate. So far I do a lot of self-reiki and do it on my kids, but maybe someday it will be something I can use if I can set up a room to do it in out of my home.

It was a good thing for me to do for many reasons. I faced many fears. Fear of trusting my intuition, fear of following my own spiritual path, my anxiety actually going to a class, and fear of leaving my kids for such long days. I was gone 10 hours a day for a whole weekend. Really, that was the only time I’ve ever left Pheonyx since he was born.

Another thing I’ve been getting back into as a hobby and creative, spiritual outlet, is painting. I have a chakra painting on the go right now, which Kesa helped with. We think it is pretty funky!




Kesa’s Drawings

Kesa and I finished up our block on old testament stories for our third grade of Waldorf homeschooling. We are now going to move onto math and cursive writing. Learning to crochet was also on our goal list for this year as well, so I want to add that in for handwork.

(pictured above: oatmeal raisin cookie granola, roasted veggies, ‘cheesy’ spinach and pea rotini, veggie-loaded chilli, tuna-less salad)

There has been a lot of baking and making going on in the kitchen. The colder days make you naturally want to snuggle up, hibernate and eat junk food in our climate. But, around here we make our own healthier versions of junk food when the cravings strike. We’ve been making pizza dough for homemade pizzas, buns, cookies, cupcakes, and burgers.

I am determined to stay on track with keeping us all healthy this school year, even with all of these commercial, candy holidays approaching. Our cupboards are loaded with herbal teas, vitamins and probiotics, I’ve got a diffuser for essential oils, and our meals are all homemade and GMO-free.


This week we have been starting to make some more fall-inspired and Halloween-themed recipes. We made Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies, Halloween Mini Donuts, Spider Cupcakes, and different Halloween-shaped pizzas. I plan to share the recipes in some other posts to come soon.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that the healthy, homemade food is something that I am very passionate about. I find it fun to come up with healthy, vegan  or vegetarian alternatives to favorite foods. The cooking and baking really is an act of love and an alchemical practice. Transforming ingredients into something is just so amazing to me. I love to get creative! 🙂

(Autumn trying on her wig for dressing as a vampire. Don’t worry, she didn’t dye her hair!)

I forgot to post pictures of our Michaelmas bread making from this September. Autumn and Kesa both made dragon bread and we also made Michael and a sword.



As always, I wish I had more time to sit and write and reflect. I want to hold on to every memory and share all of the beauty. ❤

How has October been to you? I hope that you are staying cozy and warm! 

Love & Light,