Brighter Days

Things have been brighter these days. I’m finally getting more sleep, even if it’s just four hour stretches at night, it sure makes me feel like a different person! You never know how important sleep really is to your well-being until you go without it.

I’ve been able to get a bit more stuff done with the kids too, even though daddy’s been a really good help with doing reading with Kesa and making sure that Autumn gets her work done as well. Autumn and I are learning about the Renaissance and Medieval times and reading through The Age Of Discovery by Charles Kovacs. Kesa is working on reading and writing. I want to move them both on to math blocks soon!

I so enjoy being their teacher and spending that time with them. Last night Kesa and I were reading Little Bear together and it’s so funny how she makes up funny voices for each of the characters. She’s always such a goofy kid! Serafina has been enjoying baking with me and having baths together, since those are two of her favorite things, that is how we bond. 

Autumn did really well in her cooking class and she knew so much more than even the other kids knew since we’ve done a lot of cooking and baking together throughout the years at home. It was really awesome to hear. She’s also really enjoying band class which is her favorite. Next they will be sewing and she’s consistently going to be doing gym and French every week throughout the year.

On Thursday last week I finished up everything I needed to do on my second cookbook and sent it away to the printing company! I could have got that done a lot sooner if I had found time to just sit and do the last read through and edit. It feels so good that I finally got that out of my hands and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the finished product. Hopefully very soon! I am very excited to have these cookbooks for sale in time for Christmas gifts.

Pheonyx is growing so much and is 6 weeks now! He looks like a different baby from when he was born and I’m getting lots of smiles. 🙂

This weekend we went to visit our parents. On Saturday we even shared a meal with my parents which was very nice and Pheonyx actually slept so I got to eat with two hands! 🙂

Today Kesa had the idea to decorate the house for Halloween. She’s making little black cats, pumpkins, and ghosts to hang around the house and is planning on dressing up her baby dolls and throwing Halloween party. It is so cute to still see her in this stage. I remember Autumn being the same but now she has outgrown that and I know that Kesa will too in just a year or so.

We’ve had a lot of grey days this October, but lately the sun has been shining more and it just adds a brightness to our days. I haven’t been taking Pheonyx outside so much lately because it has been cold, but I still continue to go for a walk every day with one of the girls as a way to bond while Craig looks after him for 20-30 minutes. This afternoon I took all of the kids out for a walk in the sunshine and this afternoon we are going to bake some oatmeal cookies and enjoy them this evening together and watch a show and then read some books.


About a week ago we all got haircuts too. Well, everybody except Autumn. It was kind of sad for me to cut my super long hair but it just takes too long to brush and soon baby hands will be grabbing away at it. Kesa wanted hers short and Serafna’s just looks so cute short and is so much easier to brush as well. Craig looks like a different man but I’m getting used to it now and I actually just might prefer it.


Life is beautiful! I am grateful! ❤