The Mom Life


Sleepless nights that steal life force.

Between the dishes, laundry, and general day-to-day tasks and worries, there are headaches.

Sometimes you wonder how much lack of sleep you can truly survive on.

But you are, “Mom”.

Living most of your life in pajamas or cozy mom clothes, covering your mom bod, you soldier on. You don’t need style. You need comfort.

The smallest things bring the greatest joy.  Things that can easily be taken for granted.

A walk together as a family.

Preparing a meal together.

A pile of laundry being folded and put away.

Finding a moment to sit and read together.

Not having to clean a spill or mess for an hour.

Food enjoyed and at least slightly savored instead of scarfed down.

When the younger kids go to sleep by 9:30 pm.

Washing hair, brushing teeth, checking on them.

Making lunches, signing forms, handing out vitamins.

Doctors appointments, piano lessons, road trips, (big or small).

Saying something at least five times to have it be heard once.

Picky eaters.

A moment of peace inevitably in an instant interrupted by a cry. His… or hers… or theirs.

Then there is his toothless smirk. Eyes that scream, “I LOVE YOU!”

My heart melts. And I can do this.

Heck. I’d even be crazy enough to do it all over again for that love. That bond. That utter adoration mother and child have for one another.

A love that never, ever dies.

I am Mom.