Paint Crazy!

Today we got out the paint and went paint crazy!

Fun was definitely had! We made many different hand print designs and what better thing to do than share them all with you! All you need is different colored paint, a black marker, googly eyes and a crafty child.

Handprint Strawberries

Autumn’s Strawberry


Paint your child’s hand red with a paintbrush and get them to press their hand on a white paper to make a red strawberry. Add the green part by painting your child’s thumb green and having them press it three times at the top of the strawberry. Allow to dry completely and draw on black seeds with a black marker.

Kesara’s Strawberry

Handprint Octopus

Paint your child’s hand purple and have them press it down on a white paper 2 times to create an octopus. Paint on some green seaweed. Allow to dry completely and glue on some googly eyes.

Handprint Crab

Paint your child’s hand red and get them to spread their fingers wide with their thumbs pointing upward and press their hand onto a white paper. Repeat with the other hand. Get them to use their thumb to create sand with yellow paint along the bottom of the paper. Allow to dry and glue on some googly eyes. I thought that this one was the cutest one yet!

The last thing we did was make a butterfly.

Painted Butterfly

Fold a white paper in half and get your child to paint on one half of the paper in a butterfly shape. Fold the paper and press together. Unfold and you have a butterfly! Allow to dry and glue on some eyes.

Another messy but fun day with my girls! 🙂

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