Yummy In My Tummy

Yesterday I decided to do a craft with the girls since it feels like it has been a while now.

I got out the vegetarian times and alive magazines that I had purchased second hand for 10 cents and got them to cut out pictures of healthy foods that are yummy in their tummies!

They glued the pictures onto poster paper to create a collage of healthy foods that they enjoy.

We then hung them up on the wall in our kitchen.


Kesa’s (she of course put ‘red’ milk and cereal).

A collage we did together.

Even though I am the vegan momma, I still struggle from to time to time with getting the family to eat enough veggies. Fruits and whole grains are never a problem but even mommy and daddy are guilty of sometimes not eating enough vegetables, especially raw vegetables. I wanted to do this craft so that our whole family will have the reminder to eat healthy and that these posters would inspire me to bake less and cook more. I think the girls would live off of fruit, banana pancakes, whole wheat bread, peanut butter and my cookies if I let them. While those are healthy choices, they do not make for a balanced diet and without balance there is definite crankiness in the home.

After the craft, I got busy chopping veggies for a big pot of Mixed Bean Garden Vegetable Soup.This time I made it with canned beans instead of dried beans to save time and simply boiled all the vegetables with dill and vegetable bouillon  first and added the diced tomatoes and beans last. This recipe makes a large pot of soup so if you make it be warned. Whenever I go though the trouble of making soup and bread I make a lot so that we have it to eat for a few days in a row.

Kesa was right alongside me while I chopped the vegetables and enjoyed helping and taste testing all of the different vegetables.

I think that it is so important what example we set for our kids. I know that when I eat more veggies, they do too because as they say, monkey see, monkey do. So if you can’t understand why your children don’t like to eat healthy you may want to take a look at what example you are setting. Involving my kids in the cooking and baking makes them a lot more eager to eat healthy as well and gets them interested in all of the different types of foods. I also always take the girls shopping with me and we have a lot of fun picking out fruits and vegetables and thinking up ways we can use them.

Of course when I made the soup, I had to make whole wheat bread to go with it because there is nothing better than warm fresh baked bread spread with margarine to go with a beautiful vegetable soup.

After the soup I also made cookies for my us to have during the week. I made No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Oaties. I must warn you though that these are seriously addictive! The good thing is that you can keep them in the freezer which may help them be less of a temptation. That is unless you know how to open your freezer. 😉 This cookie recipe is well-loved around here.

Lately I have been doing a lot of research on cloth diapering and am so excited to go cloth for this baby! I also set up my sewing machine that I got for a wedding gift 2 1/2 years ago that I have never used. I know nothing about sewing. Not a thing and am actually quite intimidated by the thought of it. I went to the library and got out some books on how to sew and am determined to learn this. Learning something new is always scary but then I thought about how easy it has become to make soup and bread and come up with healthy vegan recipes so this will just be another learning experience that I hope to become a hobby of mine. I love cooking and baking, but really want to have some other hobbies that are not food-related. I also can’t help but think how cute my three little girls would be in matching dresses!

What are your hobbies? Is there anything that is of special interest to you?

5 thoughts on “Yummy In My Tummy

  1. Thanks for the recipe for the Oaties I was wanting some thing like this the other day but I have a feeling if I make them it could be a disaster by eating all of them. It is hard sometimes want a little treat but not making a large amount. Any ideas?


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