So Long 2011 – One Amazing Year!


  • A cold winter spent cuddling under blankets.
  • Little House on The Prairie seasons 2-10.
  • My first vegan pregnancy.
  • Morning, noon and night sickness, food aversions and the consumption of way too much grease.
  • The girls share a room. Nights of little giggles.
  • Rainbow Brite obsession.
  • Springtime splashing in puddles and getting all wet.
  • Painting and crafts galore.
  • Our first garden. Fresh corn, beans, peas, lettuce, radishes and chard.
  • Hours upon hours and miles upon miles of family walks, an hour a day (4 miles) in the sunshine, pulling you girls in the wagon.
  • Spending every spare moment at the beach, where we almost turned into fish.
  • Swimming with Serafina kicking in my belly.
  • Picnics outside.
  • Unbearably hot days and nights where we had to spray each other with the hose to cool off.
  • Sleepovers with mommy when daddy worked the night shift, staying up late reading or being silly.
  • Autumn loses 5 teeth.
  • Mommy gets her bake-on and comes up with awesome, delicious vegan recipes.
  • Afternoons spent at the ‘Spiderman’ and ‘turtle’ parks.
  • Prenatal appointments where we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat.
  • Prenatal yoga.
  • Imaginary play, pretending you are different people. The invention of the ‘brother’ and ‘sissy’ game.
  • Trips to the library, afternoons spent reading.
  • Children invading mommy’s bath time.
  • Sitting and relaxing under the big willow tree.
  • Daddy puts up a tire swing.
  • Kesa turns 3!
  • Grandma and Gaga’s beach, swimming with Mo.
  • Sleepovers at Wawa and Papa’s farm.
  • Grocery trips to the city and getting to go to the ‘cool’ Chapters.
  • Tofu Bacon Sandwiches.
  • Serafina is born!
  • Wearing Serafina on long walks.
  • Co-sleeping with my little babe.
  • Autumn turns 7! Rainbow cake!
  • Banana bread addiction.
  • Autumn starts homeschooling for second grade. Math frustration.
  • The girls take dance lessons.
  • Power yoga!
  • Mommy develops a baking addiction. We are never without cookies!
  • Serafina smiles, laughs and rolls over.
  • Dancing to uplifting music, spinning and getting dizzy.
  • Evening visits with family.
  • The girl who couldn’t eat good.
  • A simple Christmas.
  • One awesome year, filled with amazing memories!

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