So Long 2012

Well friends, today is the last day of the year 2012. I hope that you all had a good one! ๐Ÿ™‚

Every year, I look back on all of the memories that we made and write down the ones I most want to remember. While looking through our pictures from this past year, I realized that this year went really, really fast! I think that time must be speeding up or something now that I have three kids. I literally can’t tell where the time has gone and can’t believe that Serafina went from being my bald little baby to being a beautiful, busy toddler in such a short amount of time.

I know I say it all the time (and most mother’s say it all the time too), but the time just goes so darn fast! Kids grow up so fast and it really is so important to cherish every moment, even the difficult ones. Serafina is getting more independent everyday and although she still depends on me for so much, we are still co-sleeping and I am still breastfeeding her, I know that all of that will be over soon too and in no time I will have three young ladies on my hands.

Here is my list of memories from 2012. I also put together a slideshow of pictures from throughout the year to some music that we enjoy.


  • Mommy bakes the winter away, testing recipes for her cookbook. We are definitely well-fed.
  • Lots of meals of soup and homemade bread make the winter go by quickly.
  • Power Yoga!
  • Serafina sits alone.
  • Autumn becomes a little author and writes her own fairy book series. She is always drawing fairies and making her own paper dolls.
  • The girls take dance class. Autumn is in tap and jazz and Kesa is in ballet and tap.
  • Autumn loses 3 more teeth.
  • Bundling up to go for a walk. Pushing the stroller through the snow. Serafina only naps when we go outside for a walk.
  • Autumn becomes quite the big sister, always helping mommy out with her sisters, food preparation and house cleaning.
  • Imaginary play. Coloring. Puzzles. Doodle Art.
  • Tai Chi Baby
  • We build a snow family.
  • We read like crazy bookworms!
  • Tons of hand and footprint crafts are made.
  • Grocery trips to the city, stocking up on the good stuff.
  • We keep on walking, making memories together, learning and playing silly games. Everyday we visit the geese and Mr. Duck down by the river.
  • Serafina finally crawls. She does the same type of crawl as Kesa did, the one we call the “gremlin crawl.” It must be Craig’s genes.
  • Mommy is a sneaky chef.He.He.He
  • Serafina falls in love with Jason Mraz. The only thing that soothes her from a crying fit is Live From Daryl’s House which she stays up watching with daddy.
  • We plant our second garden.
  • We fly kites and have picnics by “the ship.”
  • Autumn and Kesa become little mommies and I become a grandma to 12 grandchildren!
  • Kesa turns 4!
  • We get a swing set.
  • We take turns spraying each other with the hose to cook off on really hot days.
  • We spend every chance we can at the beach swimming in “Grandma’s lake.” The kids nearly turn into fish.
  • We bring freezer-loads of baked goods to grandma and gaga every week as mommy continues working on her recipes.
  • Serafina turns 1!
  • A 5-day camping trip to Minnedosa and Clear lake. The best family time ever! Sleeping in the tent, swimming and living outside. No one wants to go home.
  • Serafina walks.
  • Autumn finishes homeschooling for grade 2 and begins homeschooling for grade 3.
  • We read the Little House on the Prairie book series every night in mommy’s bed.
  • We eliminate GMO’s from our diet and go organic.
  • Mommy continues to work away at her cookbook.
  • We enjoy a wonderful warm fall and continue our daily family walks together.
  • Autumn and Kesa decide to take dance again.
  • Autumn turns 8 and has a watermelon cake!
  • Snow comes again! Snow angels are made, as well as snow marshmallows and snow cakes.
  • Autumn and mommy go for walks together while daddy, Kesa and Serafina stay home. Autumn and mommy are named team awesome for continuing the daily walking.
  • Mommy finishes her book and sends it to the printers.
  • Late night dance parties to our favorite music.
  • We anticipate a wonderful year to come filled with many more memories!

Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

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P.S. I also added a new page at the top of my blog called The Book in case you are wondering about it.


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