Garden Goodness

Today we went out in the garden to pick beans.

We started picking and just kept right on picking for a good half an hour.

Autumn and Kesa’s babies helped too. They are never without their baby dolls, no matter where we go.

I didn’t know that there were so many out there! So now it looks as though we will be living off of beans for a while now. They are so delicious steamed and served with a bit of margarine and sea salt. We like to eat them just like that or with potatoes and that is our simple summer supper.

We also got some lovely pickles from Craig’s parents (which make awesome pickles) and a ton of little apples too. The apples are so sweet and delicious! Way better than a store bought apple!

Serafina loves the little apples. Ever since she was around 5 months old, she loved to suck on my apple whenever I would be eating one. These ones are just her size and now that she has four teeth, she can actually take little bites.

We had a giant pepper in our garden that was supposed to be red, but it kept on staying green. We finally decided to just pick it and eat it already yesterday because it was so heavy and weighing the entire plant down. I chopped it up and added it to Taco Casserole last night.

This pepper was literally the size of Serafina’s head!

See it compared to a store bought pepper.

And here are some sweet pictures of the little mousey that I caught in the garden today. Too cute not to share!

I’m still waiting for corn and potatoes! πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Garden Goodness

  1. Omg!!!! Ur kids are so flipping adorable!!! Love that they are in the garden!! They will remember this and will have a huge impact on their future lives!! Love it!! Xoxo


  2. THAT PHOTO WITH THE APPLE! Oh, my goodness – it’s almost TOO cute. All the pics are lovely and I really wish I had your garden! =)


  3. Your garden is so beautiful! Perhaps someday when we are not city dwellers, we will be able to expand. Until now, I am content with my little raised beds, but oh! your beans are lovely.


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