For the last week of my hubby’s holidays we decided to spend the week camping.

We had a destination in mind, but no real solid plans. We decided to just pack up the van and see where the road took us.

After driving around for 5 hours, we wound up in Minnedosa. We had an amazing camp site that was right on the beach. Autumn and I loved swimming in the water and Kesa enjoyed playing on the beach.

Somehow my hubby always manages to pick his holidays during the best weather of the entire summer. It was hot for most of the week. We were outside pretty much all of the time, except for when we went driving in the van.

We spent one night in Riding Mountain National Park too.

The campsite there was much more wild and had a lot less people in it. Autumn and I couldn’t stop worrying about bears the whole time.

Everywhere you go around the park there are bear warning signs. It pretty much freaked me out. So after one night in the park we decided to go back to Minnedosa on the beach. When we got back, luckily our same site was still available for two more nights.

I loved being outside and hearing the water outside the tent. It was also so nice to be sleeping under the stars and getting so much fresh air. We also took many walks around the town of Minnedosa and it was really easy to fall in love with the beautiful town.

We took a ride back out to the park to check out some of the lakes and scenery in the park the next day.

When we were driving we got to see a herd of Bison crossing the road in front of us.

They were right in front of our van. It was amazing to see something like that.

We also got to go and see some horses.

And a deer.

And a rabbit.

The girls really enjoyed their time camping and so did we. I almost never wanted to come back home.

13 thoughts on “Camping

  1. So beautiful! Love all of your pictures. Camping with our kids is one of our fav. things too. Great way to get out of a normal routine and reconnect with nature and each other! Love also that it wasn’t too planned. I think that makes it much more adventurous. ๐Ÿ™‚


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