Just Say No To GMOs!

Last Sunday we watched the new documentary Genetic Roulette. By the end of the video I felt truly saddened. Sad for the way things have become. Sad that the health of the people on our planet is at the hands of greedy corporations. Sad that food is no longer food and can no longer be trusted to nourish us and keep us energetic and healthy. Sad that I have to be so conscious of what I buy and what I feed to my children. And sad that we have to always be afraid that what we are eating might be genetically modified or harmful to our bodies because there is no law to label genetically modified food so consumers can’t know for sure what exactly they are eating and feeding to their families.

I wanted to share the trailer for the documentary on the blog today and a video by Jeffery Smith. I encourage you to check them out. There is also this site that shares a non-GMO shopping guide.

As for us, we will continue striving toward eating as naturally and organically as possible. I would encourage you to do the same and to avoid any non-organic soy, corn, canola and sugar made from sugar beets.

Health and Happiness! 🙂