That Time Of Year

It’s that time of year. I can feel it now. Fall is definitely on its way. This morning we went out for a walk and we all had to have our jackets on. A sweater alone wouldn’t do with the cold wind that was blowing. The girls also requested mitts and two out of three wore a hat too.

I had to snap a few photos of Serafina in her cute little hat. She just looks so adorable in it.

Here is the picture in color.

Whenever Autumn asks me what my favorite season is, I have to say fall. I love the colors of the leaves and the way that the fallen ones crunch underfoot on a walk. And although the air is cool and crisp, I find it quite refreshing.

Lately I have also been extremely eager to get baking again! This kind of weather always seems to pull me toward the kitchen to create delicious comfort food. In wintertime I often tend to go cookie-crazy. I want so badly to make a pie, but since I still cannot taste anything due to this awful, lengthy sickness, I am waiting until I can completely enjoy it. Once I feel back to normal, you can bet that I will be back in my kitchen baking away so you can anticipate much yumminess!