Meet My Grandchildren

I now have seven grandchildren. It started with Autumn adopting my old cabbage patch doll Amber, then Kesa needed a baby too. They played with those two together for a long time and did absolutely everything with them for months (and still do). Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with them, take them out for walks, bathe with them, sleep with them. They even came on our camping trip to Riding Mountain National Park.

(My first grandchildren. Photo proudly taken by Kesa)

But the time came when those babies needed some siblings. Not too long ago, Autumn had a baby boy, who she named Leaf. Then Kesa had a second daughter, Lizzy and in the last few weeks,  Autumn had Laura and Kesa had Jack and Chicken Nugget. Yes, his name is Chicken Nugget because of that cute little chick on his sleeper. I can hardly keep track of how many grandchildren I have now!

(Autumn and Kesa’s babies. Photo taken by Autumn)

So here I sit tonight, a grandma to seven little ones who are snuggly tucked in next to their mommies and are sleeping away as I sit and type this post and reflect upon how sweet it is to have such amazing daughters who love their babies so much.

Tonight I had to print out the pictures that they took of their babies for them to keep. They were so excited to get to use my camera yesterday to take a ton of pictures outside. These are their favorite ones of their babies and such sweet memories for me as well as them. I will always remember these seven grandchildren and how they had to come everywhere with us and do everything with us too.