Thoughts On Health

Since I am feeling so sick these days and cannot get up and do anything, I thought that I would sit and write a post.

It started on Thursday, with Kesa being sick and throwing up in the van. She then proceeded to throw up three more times at home, on the floor even though she had a bowl next to her. Sunday night I was up all night with my sick little baby girl who couldn’t nurse herself to sleep like she is used to because her nose was too stuffed up. That was hard because I knew that I was going to get it soon and I had next to no sleep that night.

Monday I had it bad. Both Serafina and I spent most of the day laying around on the couch. I could see the house getting more messy by the minute as Autumn and Kesa were in perfect health and there was no momma able to go around picking up after them or to even tell them to clean up after themselves. At one point I thought that I might die as my head felt like it was exploding and all I could do was stay huddled under some blankets because I was so cold.

Lucky for me once my hubby was up (he works all night and sleeps during the day), he got the girls dinner and made me my most favorite dinner and even cleaned up a bit too. I knew my body needed vegetables and stir-fry is my favorite way to eat a lot of them so I made the request.

I hate when I am sick because I like a clean living environment. Mess pretty much makes me crazy.

Yesterday I managed a walk into town with the kids to buy a few things at the store. When we got home I made a pot of Creamy Potato and Corn Chowder using the potatoes from our garden and cutting the corn off of the corn cobs from our garden too. Now we have a lot of soup to eat while I don’t have the energy to cook. It is so yummy with bread and margarine.

Today I am feeling a lot better compared to how I have felt, but between myself and the girls, there are still tissues all over the house. Whenever I am sick, I realize how much health should be appreciated. I think that when we are healthy we often do not realize how good we have it and I know for myself that I often fall into this trap of wanting to be super healthy, especially when I was younger.

Craig and I have talked about that a lot lately, how nowadays there seems to be an obsession with health and how people aren’t satisfied with just being healthy, free of disease and able to move, breathe, walk and talk. It is like they want to be immortal or something and if they aren’t super thin, energetic or immune to disease then they are less than human and made to feel bad about themselves.

I have fallen into this trap many times (worrying if I am healthy enough) and I think it isn’t hard to. The information on food and nutrition is always changing and it can be hard to know how to be healthy, how to exercise and what to eat or what healthy really means anymore.

For me, it always comes back to finding and listening to that inner wisdom and eating/living as close to the source as possible. Simplicity always seems to be the way to go for me anyways. Simple wholesome foods and simple natural exercises, like yoga or walking. I find that often I have to ask myself if what I am believing (no matter what it is) is my own belief or something that I have read or heard. We live in and age of sensory overload and so often I think that people have forgotten that inside of themselves is the answers for everything, including healthy living. If we calmed down enough, we could know how to live and how/when to eat or exercise. It really isn’t rocket science and just because one way works for one person, doesn’t mean it works for everyone even though the media claims to have the answers to everything for everyone.

For the past few months, I have tried to relax more and have been doing a lot less exercise. I have enjoyed swimming in the summer and am still always walking with my girls. I still do yoga from time to time too, but not on a ‘have to’ basis, just when I feel I need it. I used to tell myself, “I have to exercise today” and that just wasn’t fun. Instead I want to do what my body wants and enjoy my life, no matter what I am doing.

Feel healthy, happy and whole wherever you are today! 🙂