Things I’m Going To Miss

~ Being stuck on the couch or in bed and not being able to move with a baby sleeping soundly in my arms.

~ Walking upstairs and finding the girls room covered in play ‘mess’.

~ Washing and folding piles of little people laundry.

~ Washing ketchup stains on sleeves (almost daily).

~ Hearing little giggles long after lights out/waking the girls up in the morning and finding their bed full of books.

~ Seeing sleepy children slumped over in their car seats after a long trip into the city.

~ Carrying heavy, sleeping children in from the van and tucking them in their beds.

~ Stepping on toys.

~ Being so exhausted that I can hardly think straight.

~ Reading ‘just one more‘ story.

~ Relaxing in the tub only to find a naked child with one leg over the tub and another getting her clothes off, ready to hop in.

~ Children peeing in my bath.

~ Rinsing dirty diapers.

~ Begging, bribing and pleading with Kesa to eat her meals.

~ Pushing the double stroller with Kesa and Serafina and a huge load of groceries.

~ Paint and play dough mess.

~ Playing I spy games with the girls on long walks to keep them entertained.

~ Taking at least an hour to go anywhere, having so many little people to get ready.

~ Making up silly stories or my own versions of stories to the girls when I am too tired to actually read a book.

~ Mopping up bathroom emergency boot or shoe prints.

~ Autumn dressing up and putting on a show (and charging a not-so-cheap admission too!)

~ The general craziness in this household on any given day.

~ All of these days and years with my children when they are little, even if not every moment seems that wonderful. Time won’t stand still, so I will continue to relish in these beautiful moments while I have them.