I try to keep it in mind. In the moments of frustration or chaos and in the moments of peace and bliss. When I am up tired with a crying baby or when I am holding hands with my daughter on a walk. Nothing lasts forever. Everything is subject to change and is impermanent, even our lives.

I took these pictures throughout the year to remind me of impermanence. In those moments when I snapped these pictures, I was present in that moment where we were and with what we were doing. I took the picture as a reminder that this moment will pass.

The winter picture was taken on a day Autumn and I were playing on a sunny winter day in the yard. She was begging me to pull her on the sled, so I did 10 laps around the house. It was exhausting! We had so much fun in the snow that day and made many snow cakes.

The spring picture was taken when Kesa, Autumn and I went to the swing set by the river. I was pregnant with Serafina and had really made it my goal to spend as much time with the two of them as I could before baby #3 was born. In the picture I was swinging alongside them. It is a beautiful memory, especially because those swings aren’t there anymore.

The Summer picture was taken when we went to Hecla Island (AKA Adventure Island). There was no one around and we had the beach to ourselves. The girls were enjoying throwing stones in the water and feeling their feet in the sand. Craig and I lay on the beach for a good hour and then we all took a nice long walk down the marsh. We really need to go back again sometime soon.

The Fall picture was taken on a hot day last year. Serafina was just a few months old and I was enjoying a moment in the leaves, relaxing and appreciating the beauty around me. Fall really is my favorite season.

Nothing lasts forever. Where you are now, who you are with and how you are feeling in this moment are all impermanent. Every moment is passing. Sometimes I need that reminder, to lighten up, relax and enjoy life. To savor every little bit of this gift of life.

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