Motivational Vegan Videos

I stumbled upon this video titled “Best Speech You Will Ever Hear” last night and watched it all the way through out of curiosity. I have said before that I am not one to be a preachy activist type of vegan, but I do like to remember my reasons for being vegan in the first place; love and compassion. Bottom line, that is my reason for being vegan, even though I sometimes forget that all of this cruelty is going on day in and out when I get lost in the pure enjoyment of the food we eat and the way that we live. I try not to think about it too much, but instead, I continue to do what I can in my everyday life to make a difference and choose to not take part in the cruelty.

I just had a feeling that I should share this side of veganism today. This video is both educational and inspirational, providing tons of information for aspiring vegetarians and vegans and is great for long time ones too. I really recommend watching it all the way through, even though it is quite long! I quite enjoyed it.

Gary Yourofsky also has a website worth checking out with plenty more information.

Another favorite of mine is this talk by Dr.Will Tuttle. His book The World Peace Diet, was the first one I got on veganism and it changed my life. Will Tuttle is so full of information about all aspects of veganism and is truly inspirational. His book really has it all! Will Tuttle also wrote the Foreword to my cookbook which is very exciting to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

This video is so worth watching.

And one more! A great video to question the story of our culture and open our eyes to the deception of using animals for food.

Wishing you all a great weekend!! ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “Motivational Vegan Videos

  1. hello, my name is Nicole, I would love to say first that I love your web page. I got so many awesome ideas for my family and i to do. so thank you for posting your craft ideas. I do have a question i am not a vegan or vegetarian, but i was wondering why it is not okay to eat eggs when chickens are meant to produce eggs? also how come it is okay to eat plants when they breath and are living as well as other things. I’m just a curious person not trying to insult or offend. thank you for your time.


    • Thanks Nicole! Yes, it is true that chickens do naturally produce eggs, but the majority of eggs come from laying hens who are raised in battery cages (cages the size of a piece of paper) on factory farms. They never see the light of day and never get to spread their wings. The hens are also de-beaked (have their beaks seared off) so that they cannot peck at each other in the cages as they would normally do if they were in close proximity to one another, which is unnatural and stressful for the birds. In the egg industry, male chicks are not needed, so they get ground alive. This video shows footage at a hatchery and this documentary called The Real Egg Industry – Fowl Play explains things in more detail. There are people who raise their own chickens and have eggs on their own homesteads and that is a different story. Basically the whole idea behind veganism is to exclude as far as possible the use of animal products from ones diet and lifestyle. For me, it is about ahimsa or doing no harm. I don’t need to eat foods from animals to stay alive and healthy and so I choose not to. It may be true that plants are living and breathing too, but we know for a fact that animals feel and avoid pain, they are sentient beings. There is a movement called fruitarianism, in which people eat only fruit (no vegetables/grains/beans or some even avoid nuts and seeds) that is given freely from the trees to eat and then they spread the seed, thus doing no harm to the food that they eat or to the environment. I say, to each their own. I often go on fruit fasts to cleanse my body and find them very beneficial. The fasting also helps me to question how I could do less harm in my life. With raising a family, I believe I am doing the best I can to do the least harm in my life right now. We all could afford to do better, whether we are vegan or not. The aim is not perfectionism, but to do our best with what we have, where we are and to live as compassionately as we can in our lives, whether that starts with our families, our neighbors, the animals, the environment or with plants. Here is a link on Factory-Farmed Chickens and another about fruitarianism.


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