13 thoughts on “Got Milk? You Don’t Need It!

  1. Great graphic! The most shocking for me was the huge boost in production per cow. Those poor, bloated cows must be so pumped full of hormones and other crap! 😦


  2. Yay!! There’s no “LOVE” button so I have to settle. Milk is the biggest lie told to humans in the history of lies. (well…it may be a close second to “Yeah, these are real”)
    Almond or rice is the way to go. (soy milk is not really healthy either…)


  3. My biggest ptoblem with the dairy industry is the fact that humans sever the cow-calf relationship in order to obtain milk. Seriously, what right do humans have to rip a baby away from his/her mother? Bobby calves are regarded as a waste product
    or a food source.
    The whole industry is dependent on calves. Their only worth is in their ability to initiate their mother’s lactation.
    It is heart breaking that dairy cows experience this loss multiple times in their short, tortured lives.


  4. I always thought that dairy cows just naturally produced milk all the time.. didn’t really do the math. I have eliminated cow’s milk from my diet for other reasons but this just reinforces that decision.


    • Yea, it isn’t really naturally produced at all and especially not for humans. It is cow’s milk! For baby cows! And we take their babies away and instead sell it to humans, the only species that drinks milk beyond infancy and the only species that drinks another species milk. Weird stuff! Glad that you decided against it! πŸ™‚


  5. ugh, i really dislike beig the only vegan in my family, every time i see them drink milk i feel so..annoyed. my sisters so indifferent to it t seems and my mum -okay it annoys me whenn people say something like ” yeh aw that is sad i can see your point” ..and thenthey carry on doing it!!. it makes me very sad.It makes me very sad when i go on my balcony when my family eat “stuff” .meh i just can’t stand/face/won’t be in the house when that is going on. if i I can’t and get them to actually be vegan and expressing how causes arguments, then the best i can do is just leave the situation. So glad i stumbled across your site. i will definitly be trying some of these delicious looking recipes. hehe i was actually searching for “Finnish vegan baking” because i’m learning the language ( along with Russian) and am just interested in vegan cooking from other places ( but particuarly Finland since i’m kindd of considering living there eventually donno when )and your website was the first :)xx


    • Thanks Palesa! I hope that you find some here recipes that you will enjoy. πŸ™‚ I have learned (although it is difficult) that you can’t let what other people do upset you. We can only be in control of our choices and in making good choices inspire others by our actions.


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